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Below is a list of sample essay questions in the subject of Tourism

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  • Critically Analyse the key characteristics and performance of the international tourism industry in Spain.
  • Critically contrast and compare socio-economic issues in two different international tourism destinations and critically evaluate, in the context of development theory, the tourism strategies that have been applied there
  • Critically evaluate the applicability of approaches to Human Resources to the strategic management of Human resources within Tourism Industry.
  • Critically evaluate the organisations current generic strategy, market options and development methods
  • Tourism businesses are generally characterised by high fixed cost, fixed capacity and seasonality. the challenges these characteristics bring to financial decision making in this industry.
  • Tourism can be seen to perpetuate inequality.
  • With appropriate examples from the Tourism Industry, critically discuess the main avenues by which technology and technological change can contribute to the growth within an industry or company and demonstrate convincingly how competitive advantages can be achieved in this respect.
  • With appropriate examples from the industry, critically discuss the rationale for a firm to engage in strategic planning and the organisational factors that influence this process.

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