Sample social policy Essay Questions

Below is a list of sample essay questions in the subject of Social Policy

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  • Are those in poverty (in the UK) part of an underclass
  • Critically evaluate Childhood Poverty and Social Exclusion (2002) by Tess Ridge with particular attention to the concepts and methods used in the study.
  • Globalisation is a liberator and overall life-enhancer of people, bringing about, not just greater wealth and prosperity, but concern for human rights, and an end to closed societies and oppressive regimes.
  • How do ideological beliefs impact upon what we define as political problems which require policy solutions?
  • How might communities help prevent gang violence?
  • Using experiences in a developing country of your choice explore the strengths and weaknesses of NGOs as development actors.
  • Why was the All Wales Strategy for Mental Handicap (1983) or Mental Health (200 or Older People (2003) necessary?
  • What development policies can contribute to facilitating economic growth with social development.
  • Drawing on your own practice complete the following in relation to a piece of work that may be individual, family or group based.
  • The changes in family structure will lead to changes in the experience of old age in the future.

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