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Sample Nursing Essay Questions

  1. Benner et al (1996) propose that knowing the patient is essential to clinical judgement and ethical comportment. Evaluate this statement in relation to your current practice as a nurse.
  2. Clinical Exercise physiology Assignment on Osteoporosis.
  3. Conduct a literature review that critically debates the current evidence in relation to one clinical nursing problem from your area of nursing practice (general nursing)
  4. Critically analyse and interpret data, with the aid of technology to enhance the care, treatment and management of the clients
  5. Critically consider the ways in which early interventions post diagnosis might improve the quality of life for people living with dementia.
  6. Critically discuss how and why the development of a therapeutic nurse patient relationship strategy will aid Lauren (as a graduate registered nurses) task in the mental health scenario.
  7. Critically discuss how recent developments in inter professional practice have improved the quality of service for people who use health and social care services.
  8. Critically discuss the importance of the concepts social capital and status syndrome in reducing inequalities in health in your area of professional practice.
  9. Demonstrate an understanding of the professional, ethical and legal issues while reflecting on the roles, relationships and influences on nurse/midwife prescribing practice
  10. Describe and discuss your personal perspectives of the therapeutic relationship as a provider of aromatherapy. some of the models which describe the therapeutic relationship and their relevance in practice and in aromatherapy provision.
  11. Does Lignocaine 1% and adrenaline reduce blood loss in the repair of elective episiotomies?
  12. Drawing on the critical analysis of your leadership approach undertaken for (prepare an outline critical analysis of your own leadership approach in your current professional role.), and the guidance on vision development in the Study Guide, create a specific, vision-led action plan for developing your leadership potential over the next two years. Your action plan should be supported by an appropriate critical rationale that is underpinned by contemporary and relevant applied leadership theory.
  13. Encorporating national and NMC guidelines and focusing on the validity and reliability of this. In the introduction please note the key search terms and search engines used.
  14. For the first task you need to investigate the principles and values that are at the heart of the work
  15. Health systems in low and middle income countries all too often fail to prevent avoidable maternal mortality. Critically discuss this statement with reference to gender discrimination and the development of maternal health services (2500 word).
  16. Identify a service user from your current practice placement and from a person centred perspective discuss their experience of an episode of care.
  17. Identify a topic or problem that is of interest to you and is relevant to your area of clinical practice, and carry out a literature search of current available research studies, both qualitative and quantitative.
  18. Identify artefact (health promotion poster related to smoking caseation in adolescent girls). Clarify meaning and the significance of empowerment.
  19. Identify one intervention applied by your professional discipline, providing critical analysis of the rationale of the intervention and its appropriateness in this particular situation.
  20. Practical situation regarding a patient eg. commencing a blood transfusion.
  21. Provision of care in the NHS is integrated, seamless and effective.
  22. Qualitative and quantitative data will be discussed along with research ethics. Academic references will be used throughout to back up valid points.
  23. Select a common wound type (e.g. diabetic foot ulceration, pressure ulcer, leg ulcer, fungating wound, dehisced surgical wound), which you have cared for in your role as a qualified nurse. It may help to reflect on a patient you have cared for with this type of wound.
  24. Supporting someone with a mental health illness and substance misuse problems-alcohol and/or drugs, is one of the biggest challenges facing front-line mental health services. (Appleby,2002) Discuss.
  25. Team working skills are essential in order that quality health care is delivered. Analyse this statement.
  26. The assignment will contain critical analysis and critical reflection on a client consumer of mental health services that is going through the recovery process.
  27. The balance of responsibility between peers and on myself communication and working with others in a group.
  28. The essay involves using a reflective model (Gibbs) to reflect upon the communication in a critical incident.
  29. The essay is based on a Midwifery mentorship scenario and must critically examine and reflect upon the scenario, then critically analyse and evaluate the issue(s) and make recommendations.
  30. The impact of a long term condition/illness from the perspective of the individual.
  31. The Impact of living with a long-term condition
  32. This is an essay to discuss the application of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy [CBT] to the practice of Mental Health Nursing, with especial reference to the links between its core principles and those of the recovery model.
  33. This is to assess how well the student nurse can integrate different concepts which influence professional practice. The concepts will come from legal and ethical, sociological, psychological and nursing frameworks.
  34. Transcribed family session with a written critical analytical reflection.
  35. With reference to your own area of health care, critically explore and evaluate an issue of advanced practice discussed within the module.
  36. Write a critical reflection on a group presentation and peer assessment you have participated in using the feedback from peers.
  37. Write a short account on how you might implement your findings from the research you examined in you clinical area
  38. You need to identify why the change has not worked in your clinical area. Critically analyse the factors that might have impacted on the failure of this change, make reference to the literature and your knowledge of the theories of leadership change and group dynamics in your answer.
  39. Identify an area of nursing practice in CRITICAL CARE.
  40. In what ways do professional roles impact on collaboration, what factors influence effective collaboration and how are service users able to become partners in their care.
  41. A critical assignment on the prescribing of antibiotics for viral throat infections.
  42. A reflection essay for the client's mentorship course in nursing.
  43. Acceptability of kangaroo mother care.
  44. An essay in which the student provides an account of how learning theories inform knowledge development within their own discipline.
  45. Anxiolytic Effect of Aromatherapy Massage in Patients with Breast Cancer; discuss and critically evaluate using the following criteria
  46. Choose a Stroke patient in one of your placements.
  47. Clinical Reflection on competency.
  48. Cochrane review analysis about whether there is evidence to support the use of KMC in LBW infants as an alternative to conventional care after the initial period of stabilization with conventional care on low birth weight infants.
  49. Consider a patient that you are currently caring for or have previously cared for with any of the types of complex wounds described in unit - 5 - leg ulcer.
  50. Critical analysis of the issues pertaining to the role of the mentor in relation to DOMAIN 1 - establish effective working relationship.
  51. Critically analyse and explore GCS including advantages and disadvantages of approaches to GCS across the life span and touch upon how it may or may not differ in people with learning difficulties.
  52. Critically discuss and analyse the care and management of an acutely ill ward patient.
  53. Critically evaluate, providing examples from practice, the dynamics of multi-professional team working across a range of mental health nursing settings and make informed judgements in relation to your personal experiences.
  54. Critique using a critiquing tool (qualitive) and article from the nursing standard called experience of mixed sex bays in general hospitals.
  55. Developing a congruent teaching, learning and assessment strategy for health and social care education: a critical reflection.
  56. Discuss a generic nursing issue with application to a specific patient/client group.
  57. Discuss how the health belief model could be utilised by nurses/practitioners to facilitate the promotion of a family's health after their child had a dental extraction due to caries. Aspects to be looked at are: promoting dental hygiene and diet. Please also do a pen picture of the family.
  58. Discuss how the nurse may holistically care for Clare and her family to achieve optimal quality of life.
  59. Discuss the immediate and longer term management of Ruth's asthma.
  60. Exploration of Substance Misuse in Adult Women.
  61. How can care and compassion be demonstrated in the clinical setting?
  62. How effective is hydrogel dressing in wound healing?
  63. Identify and critically evaluate the key factors that have an impact on the mentoring relationship and explore the positive and negative effects.
  64. Interventions for working with people with serious enduring mental health problems and their families.
  65. McCormack & Garbett (2003) propose that practice developers should have the ability to demonstrate 'clinical know-how' rather than be' subject experts'. Critically discuss the role of practice developers in the context of this statement.
  66. Meeting Challenges of Public Health in Practice.
  67. Outcomes of life and behavioural science components of Sciences Applied to Nursing.
  68. Present and critically analyse how a 'person centred' model of patient and family care would compliment the contemporary 'medical' model of care in Specialist palliative care.
  69. Quantitative Research Critique Checklist' provided on Blackboard to help you appraise the study.
  70. Reflective evaluation report of your clinical teaching session recommendations.
  71. Select an individual to whom you have provided care during practice placement. (The client would be happy for you to use any personal experiences with any individuals with either depression, bipolar or schizophrenia).
  72. Talk about the way you interact with the children whilst taking blood pressure this is children nurses skills.
  73. The community nurse role has evolved significantly over the last 20 years. This essay should be an exploration and evaluation of the current role and an examination of the literature to analyse how you think that role may develop in the coming years.
  74. The role of the nurse in rehabilitation.
  75. Utilising a personal development plan (PDP)identify and analyse your strengths, areas of development and continuing areas for learning that have arisen from participating in this assignment and the Return to Practice module.
  76. What is discrimination and how might it be evident in healthcare?
  77. Write an essay on an aspect of health service provision for older people.
  78. Write an essay to demonstrate an understanding of the health care policy on privacy and dignity that impacts upon the effectiveness in delivering current health services in the surgical department as a nurse.
  79. Write an essay, using academic writing skills. The topics are the concept of palliative care and quality of life. The two topics must be thoroughly covered, examined and discussed with references to relevant sources in APA style.
  80. You are required to write a letter to a person/s, whom you identify, in order to discuss some aspects of your thoughts, opinions, concerns, ideas, passions and/or recommendations about paediatric nursing and/or nursing in general.

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