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Media Essay Questions

We have prepared a list of example media essay questions below to give you ideas for your own essay question. If you are looking for an essay written on a specific question or want to look at example essays that have been written by other students then take a look at the options in the box below:

Example Questions

  1. Consider the growth in so called "Libel Tourism"Explain the reasons and results of this development in international defamation law.
  2. Critically discuss how Hanif Kureishis The Buddha of Suburbia constructs Black Asian identities and pop culture on the small screen in London during the 1980s.
  3. Discuss the future of writing and the future of the book in the information society. Do printed works have a future?
  4. Do audiences get the message in the same way for news and soap operas
  5. Does the technological revolution change the basic rules of media economics?
  6. In what ways are modern blockbuster films symptomatic of some economic developments within Hollywood in the last 30 years-
  7. Interviewing Method of Research in Media and Communications
  8. What evidence is there that the fourth estate role of journalism is problematic- Discuss with reference to economic and organizational factors as well as journalistic practices.
  9. What roles did the media play both before and during the conflict in the former Yugoslavia?
  10. Basic analysis about the musical Avenue Q.
  11. Critically evaluate the concept of remediation, focusing on the degree to which it contributes to a reading of media as dynamic phenomena.
  12. Discuss the claim that women are portrayed in a negative way in most, if not all horror films.
  13. Discuss the inter-relationship and the tensions that exist between the star/celebrity's private and public domains and the constructed and controlled domain of the knowledge and narratives provided by or his or her media texts.
  14. Explain in your own words what you understand either by the term 'modernity' or by the term 'post-modernity'.
  15. Has globalisation destroyed the nation-state?
  16. How does contemporary television drama work to create or problematize the connection between culture and society? Answer using examples from one or more than one television dramas studied.
  17. I shop therefore I am Using a particular ad or set of ads, or using a particular issue of a lifestyle magazine, or using a particular episode of a lifestyle television programme, critically analyse the representation of shopping for identity in advertising, drawing on theoretical perspectives on the self in consumer culture.
  18. Is media globalisation a form of cultural imperialism?
  19. Media violence is a significant cause of social violence.
  20. 'The content of the news media inevitably reflects the interests of those who pay the bills' (Altschull, 1995: 440).
  21. What is the impact of new media on public relations and how does it affect public?

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