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Sample Human Rights Essay Questions

  1. Advise Tom, Dick and Harry as to their rights.
  2. Bringing a complaint before the UN Human Rights Committee
  3. Critically assess whether the European Unions Charter of Fundamental Rights is a necessary and desirable development.
  4. Critically assess whether this statement is accurate in light of recent developments in English law.
  5. Does the prevailing paradigm of equality in human rights law respond to both direct and indirect discrimination against vulnerable communities?
  6. To what extent are courts prepared to exclude evidence obtained improperly during the course of police interviews?
  7. What is the meaning of torture?
  8. Essay on how people use religion to violate human rights.
  9. A person commits an offence if he enters into or become concerned in an arrangement which facilitates the retention or control by or on behalf of another person of terrorist property.
  10. Are human rights, since 9/11 and the "war on terror" a luxury we can no longer afford, or rights that must always remain a fundamental part of democratic politics, in order to determine the boundary between individual freedom and government tyranny?
  11. Child soldiers in Africa.
  12. Critically evaluate the role and impact of human rights cases and legislation on the civil justice system.
  13. Critically examine the claim that the logic of human rights does not accommodate the concerns and aspirations of groups that have suffered historical injustices.
  14. Explain and comment on the modern development of the law and practice concerning stop and search, particularly in relation to its impact on human rights and civil liberties.
  15. Is torture permissible when there is a ticking bomb?
  16. Please analyse the human rights issues raised, with reference to relevant international human rights standards.
  17. Should prisoners have the right to vote?
  18. To what extent does the Terrorism Act 2006 respond to criticisms that previous anti terror powers circumvented court processes thereby weakening an individuals legal protection and recourse?
  19. What articles of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights can the petitioners allege as the basis of their complaint?
  20. Please provide examples of relevant jurisprudence/case law of the Human Rights Committee.
  21. With reference to one of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, evaluate its significance for current debates about the role of religion in society.
  22. Write a review of human report of any country.

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