Essays on: Continuous Professional Development

CPD, as the introduction stated, stands for Continuous Professional Development. As we shall see in this chapter, each of the three words is relevant: continuous, professional, and development. By CPD, we mean an ongoing process of maintaining a document of your skills, experience, qualifications and knowledge which you gain that are relevant to you as an educator.

Continuous Professional Development


Best Practice in Teaching
15th Oct 2021
Introduction: 'Best practice' in teaching is generally considered to be existing practices which have already achieved a high level......

Continuous Professional Development Lecture
15th Oct 2021
Introduction: CPD stands for 'continuous professional development'. As we shall see in this chapter, each of the three words is relevant: continuous, professional......

Continuous Professional Development Project
31st Jul 2018
Introduction: The purpose of written this paper on continuous professional development was as per the requirement of the Executive Development Project module. In addition to that it was a thirst to know how to impr...

Continuous Personal Development Criteria
19th Jul 2018
Introduction: Continuous professional development (CPD) A case study to examine why we need to have set criteria as to what constitutes continuous professional development. This paper sets out a proposal to establ...

The MCQs and Continuous Professional Development
1st Jan 2015
Introduction: Objectives: To assess the appreciation of self assessment (SA) by multiple choice questions (MCQ) tests during continuous professional development (CPD) meetings and to evaluate the attitude towards t...

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