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Project Management of the Coca-Cola Amatil Company

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The following report is based on the project management of an Australian based business organization. The report has selected the Coca-Cola Amatil Company which is based in Australia. The company established in the year 1904, is one of the largest bottlers of non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic beverages and has its operations spread around the Asia-Pacific region of the globe (ccamatil.com 2019). The company has its operations spread across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Fiji, Samoa and Papua New Guinea (Bromley and Meyer 2017). The company employs more than 14,500 employees across its different plants and has an annual revenue of around A$6 billion. The products of the company includes the likes of soft drinks, iced tea, cold drinks, sports and energy drinks and many more similar products as such (ccamatil.com 2019). The report here has provided a proper analysis of the changes to be made in the organization especially in the HR department of the organization to usher in new and positive changes to ensure productivity within the business organization. The report thus presents the different initiatives that are considered by the management of the company before and after the start of the transformation project in the organization.

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Performance Related Initiatives

According to, Bromley and Meyer (2017) the theories and practices of the organization have long established different kinds of links in between the effective performance measures and the effective measure of the management. The effectiveness and efficiency of the given measures of performance depends on the way the performance will be completed. The management of Coca Cola Amatil uses the measures of the performance as a management tool and thus it needs to be broadened in the perfect manner in order to ensure success of the business (ccamatil.com 2019). The creation of a benchmark is one of the most important measures in this area as the presence of a benchmark is important to judge the performance of the employees.

The management of Coca Cola Amatil has been trying to change the current scenario of the organization in a proper and effective manner that can help in the success of the business in the most effective manner. There has been problems in the performance of the organizations since a long time and thus the organization has been trying to formulate the best strategy that can help in the success of the business in the most proper manner. The presence of the performance perspectives and the importance of the transformation makes the change a necessity for the improvement of the performance.

The annual report of the company for the year 2018 supports the claim of the organization as the management has focused extensively on the performance of the employees in a broad and widened manner. The perform pillar is generally guided by the shareholder value proposition and the aim of this proposition is to focus on the daily activities of the company. The management of the company will ensure the implementation of the different kind of the performance related initiatives to ensure the changes in the performance of the employees and make them much sharper and efficient. The changes in their current form will help improve their skills and also improve their levels of productivity.

                                   Figure No 1: Focus on Performance and Growth

Source: (ccamatil.com 2019)

The management of the Coca Cola Company has applied the six sigma process in order to improve the performance related process within the business organization in a statistical and process based manner. The six sigma process is considered to be a benchmarking process as it helps the management of the Coca Cola Company to implement a structured and systematic process that can address the issues related to the performance of the employees and transform the productivity of the employees positively.

Culture Related Initiatives

The key to the successful organization is the presence of a culture that is capable of addressing a wide range of beliefs and shares and also supports different kinds of strategy and structure. The presence of a strong and better organizational culture can help to ensure three different things which includes the likes of the knowledge of the employees on the way on how the management works them to perform, the belief of the employees to be the exact response as the most appropriate one and the knowledge of the reward system of the organization to showcase the value of the business organization in the most efficient manner.

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The Human resource management of Coca Cola Amatil plays a vital and strong role in the recruitment and the selection of the employees in the organization. It is the task of the Human Resource Management of the organization to select and recruit the best employees who can be the real assets of the company (Dentchev et al. 2016). The HRM of the company has also the responsibility to identify the problems and the issues concerning the performance of the employees and fix them in a prompt manner. The HRM of Coca Cola has identified cultural differences as one of the major issues that plagues the proper performance of the business organization. The proper performance of the business organization is directly related to the performance of the employees. The better, the performance of the employees, the better will be the performance of the organization in the market.

The presence of an ineffective culture has done no help to the Coca Cola Company and these kind of culture has led to the presence of disengaged employees and poor review and feedbacks from the customers. The cultural changes in the organization can be brought by the management of the business organization over a period of time with the implementation of a number of different steps. This includes the change in the values of the business organization. The change in the values can help to bring in stability, innovation, aggressiveness and team orientation which can be successful for Coca Cola and help to improve the performance of the company in a phased and systematic manner (Dentchev et al. 2016). The presence of stability and the aggressiveness of the management of Coca Cola can help in to usher in positive organizational culture and bring in success for the company. The cultural changes thus forms an important factor in the success and sustainability of Coca Cola Amatil.

Engagement Related Initiatives 

Innovativeness and creativity are two of the most important processes of the modern business world. These kind of activities foster the development and realization of the most innovative ideas. The engagement of the individuals within the business organization is highly important for the success of the business (Daskalaki Hjorth and Mair 2015). It is important for the business to engage each and every employee and lead its way towards success. The engagement of the people in the business helps the management to ensure the success of the business in the proper manner. Some of the major steps that needs to be followed by the management of Coca Cola are as follows;

  1. Never Stand Still- It is important for the management of Coca Cola Company to ensure that their employees never stand still. It is important for the management to consider shifting the employees from one department to the other in order to make them efficient and skilful in each and every jobs that are needed by the company to deliver the final product.
  2. Perform More- The employees must be motivated by the management of the organization to perform in a much better manner than that expected from them (Dentchev et al. 2016). It is important for the management of the organization to provide the perfect opportunity for the employees so that they are able to outperform their own tasks and end up doing much more than that expected from them individually.
  3. Share the Ideas- The employees and the management must create a common form of communication link that can be helpful for the management to ensure the success of the business. The creation of a well-established chain of communication is helpful for the management of the organization to achieve the aims and objectives of the transformation of the business.
  4. Identification of priorities- It is important for the management of the business to identify the different priorities of the business as the identification of the right priorities can be helpful for the success of the business in the most proper and systematic manner.
  5. Training- Training regime is important for the management of Coca Cola to engage with the employees. The presence of a training regime can help in the success of the business enterprise.


The following report has presented a proper and detailed analysis of the project management initiatives that are to be considered by the management of the business organization before and also after the project initiation by the management of the Coca Cola. The performance related initiatives, culture related initiatives as well as the engagement related initiatives of the organization. The presentation of the different initiatives and the different kinds of the organizational elements related to the project management is important for the management of Coca Cola to ensure a better performance from the HR professionals. The improvement of the HR professionals and the improvement in their performance can help in the improvement of both the organizational performance as well as help to change their individual skill levels. The change in the HR management of the organization is important for the success of the business. The management of Coca Cola will ensure the success of the organization by issuing the transformation process accordingly.


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