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Kinder's Direct Marketing

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Wordcount: 369 words Published: 12th Jun 2020

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What direct marketing techniques are used to promote the Kinder Bueno?


Almost all products require some type of marketing to be sold. While most marketing is undertaken using some type of mass media, such as radio, television, or billboards, firms may also use direct marketing. For the Kinder Bueno, a small chocolate bar from Kinder, the main approach has been the use of traditional media, as well as point of sale material with in store displays (Foote, 2016). However, the firm has also used some direct marketing tactics. Direct marketing is seen where a firm markets directly to the consumer, rather than using a middle man (Kotler and Keller, 2011). This may include sending out physical marketing materials to the consumer, such as with direct mail, or the use of the virtual environment with emails. Kinder uses the more traditional forms of marketing, supported by television media, with campaigns that target adults as well as children. However, there are some elements which move towards a more direct approach. For example, in 2012, Kinder launched a campaign that gave consumers the opportunity to try the product free, with on pack flashes (Best, 2012). However, while this was a more direct approach, it does not fully embrace the concept of direct marketing, and it was supported with television advertising (Best, 2012). The handbag magazine and handbag purse campaigns also provided a benefit direct to the consumers (Coloribus, 2014). These appealed directly to the consumers, but were not direct marketing campaigns. With the firm’s presence on social media, as seen on Facebook, it may be argued there is an opportunity for pure direct marketing, but this has not yet been embraced. Kinder may adopt direct marketing in the future, but has not yet moved in that direction.


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