Is using an Essay Writing Service cheating?

The simple answer is no. The service we offer is 100% legal, very legitimate, and using it won't make you a cheat.

Read on and discover exactly what an essay writing service is and how, when used correctly, it is a valuable teaching aid and no more akin to cheating than a tutor's 'model essay' or the many published essay guides available from your local book shop.

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The reality of using our service

It's how you use our model answers that matters

If you believe what you read in the media, then essay writing services are simply an "essay cheat's charter" - but you should never take anything you read in the papers at face value!

Obviously, if you buy one of our model answers and hand it in to your university as your own work then that's cheating!

However, if you buy one of our model answers and use it as a learning aid, it's no different from using journals, newspaper articles, question-and-answer study books or, indeed, the past paper answers that your own tutor may hand out in lectures or seminars. Our service is not cheating at all, instead it is a very powerful learning resource that can be catered to your own topic.

What is a custom essay or dissertation?

A custom essay or dissertation is an academic paper that is written specifically for one person by an expert professional writer. Just as a suit is tailored for one individual, all UK Essays services are 'made to measure' to match the customers' requests and are guaranteed not to be resold to anyone else. The best custom essay writing sites offer these things as guarantees (as we do) and may offer a form of compensation. In fact, we promise that if a piece of custom writing piece from us is plagiarised, we will give you £5000 in compensation. Our service is different from purchasing an essay or dissertation from an essay bank, as their essays are usually written by students, not professional experts, and may have been pre-sold, and can be resold again.

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Where did custom essays originate?

The idea of the custom essay was pioneered as a professional service by Barclay Littlewood in 2003: the first of his companies was 'Academic Answers Limited'. Barclay's company ethos was to legitimise a business, which had existed as an underground operation for a great deal of time. Most students were falling prey to disreputable companies, mostly operating from outside the UK, as they promised much more than they could ever deliver.

Academic Answers attracted a great deal of business, and an equal amount of criticism, because the honest intention of the company was to provide students with essays that were authentic, British, and expertly-written. These essays were (and still are) to be used by students as a model for their own work, but this was misinterpreted by the media and academic institutions as a way for students to succeed without effort. This is not, and never was, the intention of the company. Since 2003 Barclay's business has expanded and has seen a growing demand, so much that it now includes flagship sites such as, which holds true to the basic company intent: the provision of quality essays should be used as a guide, not a licence to cheat.

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How to use our essays and dissertations legitimately:

If you use our writing services in the same way that you would use a journal, newspaper article, question-and-answer study book or past paper, there is absolutely nothing dishonest in what you are doing. If you do your own original work and your own research, using our answer as a guideline, then this is no different from finding a journal article that deals with all the points you need to make in your essay.

We do understand that some students will use our work dishonestly. This is because there are many essay companies which permit students simply to pass off the work as their own, and so a minority of students assume we offer the same service. We also know that because our work is plagiarism-free there is little we can do to regulate that misuse. We truly believe, however, that a student who uses our work properly - as a guideline for their own research and writing - will benefit from our service a great deal more than a student who hands the work in as if it were their own as they're the real essay cheats!

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So why has this industry acquired a cheat service reputation?

Possibly because insufficient research has been carried out by the media and academic establishments on how essay writing services are intended to be used. This unfortunate assumption made by universities and the media is preventing honest students from taking advantage of an invaluable service freely and openly with academic approval. We never encourage students, or even tell them, that custom written work supplied by us should be passed off as their own. This would be very foolish and morally wrong for a student to do this as they are highly likely to be caught and punished. University tutors are aware of cheats and it is more than likely that they would recognise the superior quality of the work a student has bought, just as they would if work was copied from a guidebook. Students who misuses our services still have to face examinations for the majority of their work so, ultimately, it wouldn't help to use custom writing in this way.

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Are custom essays writing services legal?

Of course they are legal - the provision of written help is a long established academic tradition and if they were banned then all published guide books would have to be banned, too. If an essay cheat chooses to misuse the service, it is not the fault of the custom essay writing company any more than the supplier of a textbook can be blamed if an essay cheat copies from it.

Is using custom essay writing ever cheating?

Yes, if you try to pretend that the work is your own. This is also true if you copy from, or paraphrase, a textbook (without reference) or get a friend to write for you - which, unfortunately, often happens.

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Will my university find out I've used this service?

We comply with the UK 1998 Data Protection Act, so we cannot tell anybody you've used our service unless we're required by law to do so.

If you've used our service correctly (in the way we demonstrated above) you should have absolutely nothing to worry about!

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So, should I use a custom essay writing service?

If you intend to use it correctly, as a guide on how to research and write your own essay, then you should certainly consider it. We advise that you do research to ensure that you order from a reputable UK based company (like UK Essays). You should never pass a custom written essay as your own, no matter how tempting it might be. Essay cheats are always found out and you can only learn one thing from cheating...not to do it again!

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Essay writing service

How can a student benefit from using an essay service?

A purchase from a genuine British company (like UK Essays) can help a student to see precisely how an academic essay should be researched and written. It is much better than a generic guide because it is written to a specific customer's request.

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