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Prescription Database

The system offers several independent user interface classes that need not be loaded from the same host as where their controller is loaded. There are user interface classes to issue, create and send a prescription ...

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Factors Issues Influence Behaviour Software Engineering Groups

Example Information Technology Essay - Most presentations on software engineering highlight the historically high failure rates of software projects, of up to eighty percent. ...

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Data Security

The purpose of this proposal is to justify the issue of Data Security. Proof to questions such as: how secure is our data? What measures can we take to secure personal and company data? Can we be secure online? ...

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Call Dropping Syndrome

With the emergence of mobile automobile internet routers in the past five years, theorists and visionaries have begun to picture a world for their widespread application. From transportation infrastructure and inter-vehicular communication to mobile conferencing and business applications, the ability to access the internet during transportation is an increasingly valued concept. ...

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