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How to write a Translation Essay

As translation student, you are familiar with works in foreign languages. Books, newspapers, journals and periodicals are a sampling of the works you deal with in terms of theory and real-world application. The skills you have acquired will be put into use as you begin researching material for your topic.

Follow the guidelines set by your professor in regards to formatting requirements and topics. Normally, your professor will issue specific guidelines to follow. Build your translation essay as you would any other essay. Start with a thesis statement that conveys your position. You will branch out from here and begin asserting main points and any junior points to secure your position. If you are using lectures notes and still find yourself lacking material, turn to trusted online sources for help.

Sites like Google Scholar and Google Book as well as Highbeam and Questia will aid in your research by supplying you with quality research material. Once you have completed the introduction and body of your essay, move into your concluding statements. Focus on wrapping up and reinforcing your thesis statement and offering any conclusions you have reached. You can also offer any logical opinions that follow the basis of your thesis statement. Just be sure not to add any statements or facts that are not supported.

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The most important task, when completing your translation essay, is thoroughly revising and editing as necessary. Review and search for grammar and spelling errors, lack of logical conclusions, and punctuation errors. Getting a great set of marks depends on it.

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