How to write a Tourism Essay

A tourism essay will touch on an array of disciplines, including accounting, hotel and business management, tourism, foreign policy, eco-tourism and geography. Each discipline plays a vital role in assessing issues confronting tourism. Use this to your advantage and search out textbooks from these disciplines to assist in completing your tourism essay.

Your class notes and online databases can also serve as a tool to finding information. Your professor will have the final say in topic, formatting rules, and timelines. Follow your professor's requirements to a tee. Begin your tourism essay as you would any essay. Your opening paragraph will set the tone and stage for the rest of your essay.

Offer your thesis statement and provide general background information on your topic. Move into your supporting paragraphs and present logical assessments of the issue presented. Continue presenting reasonable arguments for the main points as well as your sub-points. With a tourism essay, you might want to include graphics and data that support and highlight your stance.

Your conclusion paragraphs should not introduce any new information. Keep your essay sharply focused on your thesis statement and main points. To produce a fully convincing and compelling essay, spend the time editing and revising as necessary. Look for issues with gaps in your conclusions and lack of flow between paragraphs.

Check to see that you have complied with your professor's request on formatting, and don't forget to check for spelling and grammar mistakes that will cost you a grade deduction.

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