How to write a Theology Essay

As a religious studies student, a theology essay will offer you the opportunity to explore the conflicts and issues that can arise within religion as well as the history of religion and how it relates to modern society. Whatever your assignment, ask your professor for guidance when selecting a topic. Oftentimes, a professor will have a specific question or issue in mind when determining a topic.

Once you are sure of your topic and formatting requirements, you will be ready to begin. Your first step in writing your theology essay will be researching material for inclusion in your essay. Your lecture notes, handouts, and textbooks are a good place to start material. Additional sources of material can be found online at Google Scholar and Google Books.

Allow yourself enough time to gather research material as well as the time needed to write and edit your draft. With theology topics, there is always considerable debate. When searching for research material to support your thesis statement, be sure you gather adequate documentation that fully supports your position. Start your essay off with a powerful thesis statement and then continue adding information that reinforces and supports this position. The same is true for any mini-thesis statements you have offered. Provide documentation to support your claim.

Typically, you should offer at least three sentences to support a point. Top off your essay by offering an intriguing idea that follows your logic and conclusions. Before turning your essay in, carefully review and check for errors in spelling and grammar.

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