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How to write a Theatre Essay

As a theatre studies student, you might be called upon to write a theatre essay. There is no need for dramatics, simply draw the curtain and focus on the arts. You might be asked to write on the works of Shakespeare, the role of the Ancient Greeks in early theatre, or about how modern theatre differs from its predecessor.

Whatever the topic, your professor will typically offer precise details to guide you in determining your subject matter. Standard formatting rules apply to theatre essays and discuss with your professor any special formatting that is to be included. Break your essay into four main parts: planning, research, writing, and editing.

Plan to spend a fair amount of time at the school library or searching online sites, such as Google Scholar, for quality research material. The more time you spend finding good research material will lessen your time trying to write an essay.

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Assemble your research material and determine what your thesis statement will be. Your thesis statement will determine your position and set the tone for your essay. Offer crucial information that tells what your stance is and then offer supporting evidence to back your claim. Including photographs and data into your essay will add interest and weight.

Bring your essay to a close with a smartly tied together ending that revisits all of your main points and offers a snappy conclusion. Finish off with a thorough review to check for errors. You will be looking for faulty logic, issues with grammar and punctuation, and gaps in logical conclusions.

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