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How to write a Teaching Essay

Writing a teaching essay can have you focusing on many different areas- curriculum, classroom management, research, and teaching techniques. Each area is expansive and there are a multitude of avenues in which you can travel. Your first task will be to develop a comprehensive plan of action. Determine which field you wish to write on and set about gathering research material.

Writing out an outline can assist you in developing a through essay which fully demonstrates your subject knowledge. Decide on each key point and sub-point you want to discuss. Utilize APA or Harvard formatting for your teaching essay and prepare a well-documented works cited page which will include detailed information on your sources. Your professor will be the final word on formatting, so be sure to carefully follow the guidelines set.

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You can break your essay down into manageable bits by compiling and categorizing your each main and sub point. This will allow you to see your research and determine if you have fully answered each point. Quality data and research can be obtained online from Google Book and Google Scholar as well as Highbeam and Questa.

As you prepare to conclude your essay, consider adding an interesting question or hypothesis that follows your logic within the body of your essay. Spend the time before you turn your essay in, to review and check for mistakes. Search for gaps in research and faulty logic. Check for misspelled words and errors in punctuation.

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