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How to write a Statistics Essay

As a mathematics student, you are used to the idea of working with data to classify and categorize information. A statistics essay will expand on this knowledge and require you to submit an essay based on the research and data you have obtained.

Look to your professor for guidance on the scope of your statistics essay. Your professor will likely provide you a detailed set of issues or problems that need to be addressed and catalogued as well as the documentation formatting required.

Start your statistics essay as you would any humanities class essay. Begin with a plan of action. Spend a considerable amount time reading and understanding the issue at hand. Once you are fully aware of the assignment, begin compiling your data and research information.

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Sources, such as peer-reviewed journals, books, and lecture notes, can serve as useful documentation as can online sources like Google Scholar. Introduce your essay by offering the problem or issue and stating your stance or opinion. Move into the body of the essay and offer your substantiated opinions. Each opinion should be backed by hard evidence. Your statistics essay will likely include colour diagrams and charts. Be sure to include these into your essay for added information.

Remember, your conclusion is your last opportunity to sway your reader. Use this area to offer an opinion regarding the issues you have addressed. After fact-checking your essay, complete a thorough review to check for spelling errors and faulty data.

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