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How to write a Spanish Essay

As a Spanish studies student, you can focus on different topics such as Spanish heritage, Spanish culture, and Spanish traditions. Each topic provides a rich source of information. Discuss fully with your professor the requirements for your essay.

Determine proper formatting, documentation requirements, and specific topics. Your professor may determine a precise topic and not give you latitude in deciding a topic. Once the topic issue is settled, determine what your position will be for the essay.

Begin searching for sources to support your position. Internet sources, such as Google Books and Highbeam, provide quality books and articles for use in essays. Compile a range of data and research material and begin crafting an outline. This will keep your thesis statement focused and supporting evidence on point. Create mini-thesis statements for variety and interest. Include any visual aids or data you have collected to add credence to your position.

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The point of a persuasive essay is to establish a firm position and offer concrete evidence to support this. Provide this for your reader with substantial proof. Close your Spanish essay by summarizing all your main points. Don't just touch on one or two points. And, be careful not to introduce any new ideas or issues in your concluding paragraph. This is where you are tiding up and offering your conclusions.

Finish off your essay by thoroughly editing and revising. You should keep a sharp eye open for gaps in your research, faulty logic, and non-connecting paragraphs. Be wary of spelling and grammar errors as these could cost you marks unnecessarily.

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