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How to write a Religion Essay

As a religion studies student, you are well-versed with the intricacies of religions and their roles in shaping and influencing many different cultures. The breadth of material demands that you spend a considerable amount of time planning and gathering relevant material to assemble a compare and contrast essay, a persuasive essay or an argumentative essay.

Your planning stage will focus on preparing a detailed outline. Determine your thesis statement and assemble all of your facts and supporting documentation. Establish each main point and sub-point. There should be at least three to four sentences that corroborate your main points as well as your sub-points.

A complex debate or compare and contrast will require accurate information. Your local or school library is a good source of trusted reference books and scholarly journals. Additional information can be found from online databases.

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Typically, your professor will establish guidelines relating to the length of your essay, formatting requirements, and special requests. Graphs and data charts can be included within your essay to illustrate a point or offer chunks of data. The use of bullets point is another effective tool to focus and direct a readers' attention.

Use your conclusion to paraphrase and perhaps offer a solution or predict an outcome from the information your presented. Be sure that any outcomes or solution fall within the parameters of your essay. Finalize and polish your religion essay by carefully reviewing for errors in logic, lack of connecting paragraphs, and syntax.

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