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How to write a Project Management Essay

The same skills and techniques you are learning in your project management classes will come into play as you begin to construct your project management essay. Topics on planning, organizing, securing and managing supplies can be directly related to your essay.

Begin with a plan. Decide on a topic and determine whether this will be a persuasive essay, argumentative essay, or a compare and contrast essay. Having a plan will keep your essay focused and allow you to hone your writing skills. Your next task will be a focus on organization and securing information.

Begin compiling reliable sources of data and material to use in your essay. Search your local library and online sites, such as Google Scholar and Google Books, for relevant material to include. Separate your data into groups of information that support any claims you make. Secure information from university and government websites for added factual data. And, your last task in completing a rough draft will be to manage each of these areas to put together an essay that flows.

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Create chunks of information that transition from a general argument to a specific argument with supporting detail and data. Remember to manage all of your documentation properly by citing each and every book or document used. Your works cited or bibliography page should contain an accurate account of each source used. If you are unsure how to properly document a works cited page, ask your professor or look online.

Many universities have online sites that offer examples of APA, MLA, and Harvard formatting as well as other documentation styles. Don't forget to proofread and edit your essay before submission. Check for errors in spelling and grammar and punctuation.

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