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How to write a Photography Essay

As a photography student, you can be called upon to complete a photography essay where you gauge the ability of another photographer, examine the history of photography and its impact on our culture, and evaluate the merits of different photography techniques.

This diverse field lends itself to an array of different topics. Typically, your professor will offer specific guidelines in completing your essay. They will dictate formatting preferences, topic guidelines, length of essay, and general tone. They can also determine if they want the essay to be an argumentative essay, an exploratory piece, or a compare and contrast essay.

Once you know your specific guidelines, you can set about crafting your essay. Like any other essay, a photography essay begins with a strong thesis statement that conveys your position and sets the tone for your essay. You will move into supplemental paragraphs where you expand on your main thesis.

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You will offer supporting evidence or opinion to cement your argument. Additional information and questions can be asked within these paragraphs. Each question needs to be thoroughly examined and answered.

Finish up your essay with a compelling conclusion that ties each point together and leaves the reader satisfied. Every point can be touched on, and conclusions can be drawn. Once you have finished writing your essay, now is the time for revisions. Review your essay and check for errors. As you proofread, search for any faulty logic, non-connecting paragraphs, and spelling errors. Revise and edit as necessary.

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