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How to write a Philosophy Essay

Writing a philosophy essay can have you revisiting prior psychology, sociology, and political science classes as you explore the works and philosophies of Locke, Descartes, Aquinas, Aristotle and Confucius to see how their opinions influence each field of study.

If you are given free range to determine your own general topic for research, chose an area of interest and focus on one or two main points to cover. Persuasive essays require substantial research and data to support any conclusions.

Draft an outline to track your key points and any minor points you want to address. Your thesis statement should be direct and straightforward and address a relevant issue. Utilize your textbook, lecture notes, library reference books, and online source to gather quality research material. Be liberal in your use of bullet points throughout your essay to draw your readers' attention to key and minor points and focus their attention to a particular issue.

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Philosophy essays require MLA formatting and use of a works cited section. Accurate documentation is vital to offer a well-sourced works cited page. Take care to record your sources of information for insertion in your works cited page. As your paper flows from paragraph to paragraph, it should include relevant key points and arguments that are supported by evidence.

After you have finished your philosophy essay, ask a friend to review your work and check for errors. Many times, as we proofread our own papers, we skim over and miss many errors. After your friend has given your paper back, go over and reassess their comments and corrections. Make the necessary corrections and additions.

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