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How to write a Music Essay

A music essay is often tuned to examining the historical pieces of music, the origins and history of a musical instrument, or the critique of a musical performance. Start your music essay as you would any other essay for school.

Begin by determining what your stance or position will be. Your professor can offer guidelines on subject matter and format. You must determine whether this will be a compare and contrast essay, a persuasive essay, or an argumentative piece.

For a compare and contrast essay, be sure you gather adequate research on both sides of the topic to fully examine the merits and issues associated with each. Present your information in a logical and concise order. Each paragraph should flow freely between each other with linking ideas that allow for a smooth transition.

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Historical research can be found online at Highbeam, Questia, Google Books and Google Scholar. Additional facts and data can be found in online databases and at your local library. Pull out as much information and data to adequately fill your music essay. If this is a persuasive piece, where you are offering your critique of a musical performance, search for similar performances to attend or read reviews to garner insight.

Thoroughly document each source for inclusion in your works cited or bibliography page. One of the most important rules to follow when completing your essay is to carefully proofread your paper. Search for any issues with formatting, lack of flow, punctuation, and spelling.

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