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How to write a Mathematics Essay

Whether you are an engineering student or an architectural student, you might be called upon to complete a mathematics essay. You might be asked to discuss the relationship mathematics has to a particular situation or the role mathematics plays in your chosen field.

Whatever the topic, begin selecting relevant material to include in your essay. A mathematical based essay will demand a high-level of quality documents and data to support your claims and position. Visual aids and charts can add depth and impact to your mathematics essay as well as supporting data. Online databases and peer-reviewed journals can provide you with well-sourced data to include with your essay submission.

Additional online sources, such as Google Books and Google Scholar, can provide research material and data for inclusion into your essay. Look to your professor for specific guidelines on formatting style, length of essay, and topics. Generally, professors will have detailed handouts to pass out to their students to ensure uniform compliance.

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Construct your mathematics essay as you would any traditional essay. Begin by developing a thesis statement and gathering relevant supporting data. Determine your thesis statement and build sub-topics to branch off on and fully develop your position.

Close your essay with statements or data that conveys a vivid image to capture the essence of your argument or position. You can also use your closing paragraphs to reveal any results or consequences you encountered. Don't delay writing your paper. Give yourself enough time to complete and fully proofread your essay. Check for spelling and grammar errors and a lack of smooth transitions.

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