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How to write a Linguistics Essay

As a student of linguistics, you have embraced the importance of language and how it interacts and impacts our world. Issues such as language content, its meaning, and how language form is perceived can be compelling and make for an interesting essay. Use these topics to develop a linguistics essay that reveals the depth and breadth of your subject matter knowledge.

Engaging linguistic data and history are available in multiple sources. Your local library continues to be your go-to source for quality reference and source books and peer-reviewed journals and data. Gather your material and begin determining your thesis statement and how you which to present it.

Linguistics essays normally follow the standard APA format with a bibliography section, so keep a detailed record of source information to fully document your bibliography section and within your paper. As you begin moving into your paper, be sure to include mini-thesis statements to add interest and variety to support your main clause. This will add weight and validity to your claims as well as variety.

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Your concluding paragraph is where you wrap up your conclusions for the reader. Now is not time to pose a new question and muddy the waters. But, what you can do is ask a provocative question based on what you wrote about or issue a call to action based on what you wrote. The point is you must stay on track and not confuse the reader with unrelated issues or topics.

Finally, take the time to reread your essay and check for errors in grammar and spelling, flow, and sentence structure.

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