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How to write a Languages Essay

A languages essay often requires a critical analysis of the origins of languages and how its impacts our culture. Topics such as the history of languages, the origin of a specific language, or the influence of dialects within a language are a small sampling of topics you might encounter.

Intense research into the history of a specific language will reveal a wealth of information and provide you with excellent sources of material to include in your languages essay. As you begin to gather your research, organize and categorize each area of research into manageable sections. Once you are organized and have fully researched your topic, determine what your stance or argument will be for your essay. You can begin to build your thesis statement and opening paragraph with this information.

Fine-tune your languages essay with supplemental supporting statements and facts that sustain your thesis statement and continue building with additional evidence to prove your position. If you still find yourself short on supporting evidence, online sources, such as Google Scholar, Google Books, and Highbeam, are quality sites where you can locate books and reference sources to cite in your language essay.

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Your concluding paragraph should touch on each key point to reiterate your position. Be sure you have given yourself ample time to complete your assignment and review it by submitting it for grading. Take the time to proofread your essay and scan for errors. Pay special attention to sentence structure, grammar and spelling, faulty logic, and unsupported conclusions.

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