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How to write a Journalism Essay

As a journalism studies student, you should approach your journalism essay with the same focus and clarity you would apply any journalist writings. You should focus on the obtaining the truth, uncovering previously unknown information and data, and compiling a comprehensive list of supporting documents to thoroughly prove your position.

Trusted sources can be found online on such sites as Questia, Highbeam, Google Scholar and Google Books as well as your in-class lecture notes. Approach your journalism essay with the mindset of a fact-finding mission to present clear and compelling evidence to persuade and influence your reader. Establish a logical and concise thesis statement and begin building your foundation within your opening paragraphs.

Establish a tone of authority, just as you would when preparing an article for publication, and deliver it in a straightforward and matter-of-fact manner. Ease into your supporting paragraphs with smooth transitions and logical connections that reinforce your command of the topic.

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Provide ample supporting documentation to establish your position and offer mini-points for interest and clarity. Base your concluding paragraph on the main points and mini points and any arguments you touched on within the body of your essay. Follow model essay formats with your journalism essay.

Standard APA formatting rules typically apply to journalism essays, but check with your professor for guidelines on formatting and any other special guidelines such as title page or bibliography information. Finish strong by carefully reviewing and proofreading your essay to ensure you have proper sentence structure, logical conclusions, and smooth transitions between paragraphs.

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