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How to write a Housing Essay

When writing a housing essay, you will be faced with the scary prospect of selecting from a wide range of topics that are diverse and can be politically charged. When you are given a chosen topic to work from, begin building a research arsenal that will provide you with adequate material to work from.

Compile this group of data and information from your textbooks, local library, and online sources. Class notes and lectures can prove useful as a source of information. Be sure you gather enough information on your topic to provide ample evidence of your position. Source sites need to be documented within the body and on a works cited page at the end of your housing essay.

Follow the central formula of essays and begin with an opening paragraph that contains your thesis statement and sets the general tone of your housing essay. You will be straightforward and convey your point of view immediately. Be direct; readers want to know where you stand on any given issue and by declaring a point of view straightaway, your reader can settle in and weigh the points you offer to establish your position. The same is true throughout the body of your housing essay.

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Convey a position and provide supporting documentation to backup your claim or position. Sub-points can be added to reinforce your position.

Following these steps up with a stellar conclusion that wraps up your thesis statement and ties all of your points in. Finish up your housing essay with a careful review to ensure you have followed the rules of grammar and spelling, and logic and flow.

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