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How to write a German Essay

Preparing a German essay will have you focusing on topics such as German culture, language and traditions. Luckily, the German heritage provides a rich source of interesting material to select a topic from. Narrow your focus and concentrate on one area of study. A recent lecture in class can prove a valuable source of topic selection.

A compare and contrast essay focusing on the similarities and differences of the German and English languages can be one topic for your German essay, especially if you are familiar with the German language. Determine what your position will be and begin constructing an outline showcasing the similarities and differences.

Use research sites, such as Google Scholar, Google Books, Highbeam and Questia, to obtain accurate data and information. Your professor will probably require MLA formatting and it is smart to retain detailed information for future referencing in your works cited or bibliography page.

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A German essay will follow the typical format of an introductory paragraph. This will be where you state your opinion and provide a thesis statement from which you will build your essay. Provide relevant and factual information to build your position and offer compelling evidence of similarities or differences.

Conclude your German essay with a follow-up of the material you have discussed and any interesting data that supports your comparisons. Your last step in writing a German essay is to carefully review your work. Check for flaws in logic and flow. A well-written essay will be free of grammatical and spelling errors, contain proper sentence structures, and transition smoothly from paragraph to paragraph.

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