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How to write a French Essay

As a student of French studies, you have embraced the romance and beauty of the French language. Expand on this love of the French language and gather compelling sources to write a critical and thought provoking French essay.

When writing a French essay, you could focus on French culture, different French dialects, French grammar construction, or the French alphabet.

Using a MLA format, compose your French essay by building a strong thesis statement, supported by compelling main points and logical arguments. A typical French essay follows an introduction section with a strong topic sentence, main points and arguments, and a conclusion section, which wraps up and restates your main points. Use this format to build side points within your main paragraphs to focus on critical areas of discussion.

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Adding pertinent side information that supports you main clause will give your French essay weight and substance. If you are comparing and contrasting a particular topic, add significant argumentative points and clauses to fully develop your point of view.

Use trusted online sources such as Google Scholar, Questia, and Highbeam to fully document your arguments and conclusions. Your local library or class notes are also a rich source of background information to use when developing a persuasive French essay. Let your professor guide you with specific guidelines on length, formatting, and topics. Before submitting your French essay for grading, carefully proofread your essay. Pay particular attention to flow, connecting conclusions, supporting arguments, grammar and spelling. Revise and edit as necessary.

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