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How to write a Fashion Essay

Writing a fashion essay allows you the opportunity to choose from an array of different topics. Topics range from the impact of fashion on cultural changes to fashion's role in building financial empires. Find your niche area and develop an insightful thesis statement.

If you are a design major, choose a topic that interests you to provide more insight into a chosen area. Once you have chosen a specific area to focus on, construct reliable sources from the Internet or library and begin assembling a thoughtful fashion essay exploring the role of fashion within your particular topic.

Using an outline is an important tool to continually check yourself that you are staying on topic. Refer back continually to your outline to assist you in staying on point with your topic sentence and supporting evidence. Provide relevant information that supports your thesis statement and link paragraphs with smooth transitions.

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Refer to your class notes and lectures for additional supporting information to include. Your main points should be thoroughly researched and sources, such as Google Scholar and Questia can be used. Your fashion essay should have an introduction containing your topic sentence, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion which sums up your supporting evidence.

Typically, a fashion essay would use a MLA format, but be sure to follow the guidelines set by your professor. Carefully review your fashion essay before submitting it to your professor for grading. Thoroughly proofread your essay for faulty logic, accurate sources, spelling and grammar errors, and formatting.

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