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How to write an English Language Essay

Unlike an English essay, which focuses on literature works and author, an English language essay covers the semantics of the language, including grammar, style, and even literary theory. It is essentially like writing an essay on writing and, while it may sound quite easy, this type of essay is often required to have an in-depth understanding of what can be very complex theories about language.

However, the topics can lend themselves to some interesting analysis and writing opportunities in which you can think about related topics related to how people perceive and understand language, how it is used and misused, etc.

Like most other essay types, an English language essay is developed in a similar fashion and should start with a topic and thesis statement that describes the overall intent of the paper. This is followed by research - library, online, and lecture notes - and the production of an outline, which will provide the organized framework essential for logical flow of thought and a convincing, easy-to-follow argument tied to the thesis statement.

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The research gathered should provide a foundation for proving the argument, but it would add interest if specific examples were highlighted to illustrate a particular point being argued about the English language so that readers can be aided in their understanding. It is also a way to validate that you understand how to apply the theory through your writing technique. Each section of your outline will then be expanded into paragraphs that each has their own mini thesis related to the main thesis followed by three to four sentences and a closing summary/hook statement that will connect the thoughts to the next paragraph.

Take the time to consider revising a few drafts before submitting to make sure your grammar, spelling, and content match the assignment and provide a cohesive and convincing argument.

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