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How to write an Economics Essay

When writing an economics essay, you will be faced with the daunting task of finding a specific topic amongst an expansive list of subjects and sub-topics as well as turning that subject matter into something insightful and interesting.

When provided with the assignment, decide if you have a topic or you will need to research one that is of interest to you and offers a relevant way to illustrate that you understand the components and theory related to the economic area of study.

The topic must be of interest to you as this will shine through in how you write and argue the subject matter within your economics essay. Make sure that the topic offers a large enough area to argue as well as may have enough resource material to back up your argument.

Start your writing with a thesis statement and an outline constructed from the research material you gathered. You can consult a range of books and journals in a library as well as online. There are many blogs, databases, articles, and reports focused on various areas of economics so your online research is a key part of your economics essay work.

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The material you gather should provide you with a way to find three to four main points that align with your thesis and, from these, you will be able to create the body paragraphs that accompany your introduction and conclusion sections. Depending on your topic, it might be useful to include graphs and charts to illustrate theory or offer a real world example of this theory.

Be sure to also utilise economic vocabulary within your argument and illustrate how you have critically thought about the topic to highlight your own thought leadership ability. In order to be convincing, your format, style, tone, referencing, flow and grammar need to be accurate, so spend the time reviewing and editing to improve these areas.

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