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How to write a Drama Essay

When preparing to write your drama essay, you can think about doing so in four main acts: planning, research, writing and revising. In doing so, you'll more than likely reach a happy ending then deal with a tragic tale.

In first planning your drama essay, you need to know or decide on whether it will be an informational essay about a particular drama or play or whether it will be a persuasive essay in which you will argue a specific point about a drama or play. Also, you need to select your subject matter. It may well be that this has been decided for you as well so you can then move on to act two, the research.

A theatre and arts section of the library or any number of online resources, including Google Books, Google Scholar, Questia, or an arts and literature database can provide you with evidence that you can include to back up each point you make in the drama essay.

This is also the place to start when developing your thesis as the research can help guide the stand you are making for a persuasive essay or it can shape the information's scope you will share with the reader. Act three involves the writing process, which starts with an outline that contains an introduction, body paragraph topics, and conclusion.

Connect the points by aligning each idea with the thesis as well as deciding how you will link the main ideas in each body paragraph together.

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Consult your research notes and generate bullet points that will be flushed out into paragraphs. Take careful note of your format style - usually MLA or Harvard - so that you correctly references passages from the play if you plan to incorporate these in your drama essay.

Act four is the review process in which you edit and revise your drama essay based on grammar, spelling, clarity and logic before finding out the final outcome of your efforts.

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