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How to write a Design Essay

With design being such a diverse study area, you have a lot of creative license in selecting a topic (unless your professor has done so for you!), developing a thesis, and illustrating your points related to that thesis.

Be sure to keep your topic and thesis specific on a particular area like a model, theory, or application in which you can draw on from real world ideas and examples, a substantial body of research material, and an area of interest that readers will enjoy.

Using a Harvard or MLA format is usually the main style and format framework for the referencing and look of your design essay, but always consult your assignment to make sure you can tick off each required format or style to be used. Consult your lecture notes, classroom materials, and online and library sources for the material on your topic. Online scholarly journals, blogs, and forums often offer source material on more modern design elements and philosophies.

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When consulting these sources for the main points to plug into your design essay outline, which includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion, see where you can add illustrations and pictures, which will provide a visual argumentation of your thesis as well as potentially add interest and understanding for the reader. Often, these are even required. When doing so, be sure to include a source description in your design essay under each visual you include.

A design essay often requires both theoretical and real world examples as well as critical thinking in terms of tying the two areas together in a way that substantiates your thesis. Be sure to leave yourself enough time to review and revise your design essay, which will afford you the opportunity of checking grammar, spelling, and flow before having to submit it.

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