How to write a Biology Essay

The most important aspect of writing a biology essay is ensuring that you have a topic and outline that is clear and is of interest to the reader. It needs to be focused on a particular niche area of biology as there are so many subjects within biology - from anatomy to zoology.

A biology essay often follows the typical essay format of an introduction with thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion section along with a references page. The typical formatting style for a biology essay is APA format although it is best to confer with your professor on exact format specifications.

Once you have a topic for your biology essay, it is time to research your paper, using either the list provided by your instructor or through sources in your library or Internet. Online, there are a number of excellent scientific databases that contain hundreds of scientific journal articles. Or, you can also use Google Books and Google Scholar for access to other biology essay research material.

Gather notes and sources simultaneously that will help you construct your biology essay outline, which will help to ensure that you organise your thoughts in a manner that continually refers back to your thesis statement. With a biology essay, you may be required to include pictures, illustrations, and/or graphs to substantiate your argumentation or as a means of adding a visual explanation for aspects of biology that can take a considerable word count to explain. Be sure to also review and revise to make sure you have a consistent format, proper spelling and grammar, and have met all the guidelines provided for your biology essay.

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