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How to write a Beauty Therapy Essay

The complete guide to writing a 2:1 standard university essay

As with any essay project, there are some basic steps that are required in producing a high-quality piece of work. Additionally, when it concerns writing about beauty therapy, there would be some other specific recommendations that could help a student who is obtaining a degree in this specialty. Any writing skills that are developed during the course of these essay projects will be of great advantage once the student begins their beauty therapy career because writing is an effective way of communicating with clients, potential customers, and colleagues in the work environment.

Step 1: Topic Selection

The first step for how to write a beauty therapy essay is to select a topic if it has not already been chosen by the instructor. If the topic has not been assigned, then it is best to pick something that is of great interest because that makes it easier to write about. The beauty therapy essay could be designed around a specialty or a business idea to implement once finished with school and certified in the beauty therapy industry.

For example, topics for beauty therapy might include the benefits of massages or facials as well as information on starting a beauty therapy business, helping clients take better care of themselves, selecting what types of products to use on a particular client, and understanding how various beauty therapy techniques work (CEA 2006: 4). Other topical suggestions include beauty treatments for men, health and safety issues, and trends within the beauty therapy industry (CEA 2006: 10), including the expansion of mobile beauty therapy services into the home and office environments.

Step 2: Define the Purpose and Start the Outline

Along with the selection of a topic, a purpose for writing about that topic should also be clearly defined. This purpose, which can be referred to as a mission statement or a statement of argument, provides a roadmap along which to travel through the course of writing the beauty therapy essay.

From this step, an outline of specific primary points should be constructed in the form of an outline. The outline may become clearer after the next step. During this portion of putting together a beauty therapy essay, it is also recommended that a tutor or instructor be consulted to help guide the process (CEA 2006: 4), especially if writing is not your strong point. Sharing a plan of action will help ensure that specific deadlines are met (CEA 2006: 4).

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Step 3: Conduct Research and Gather Information

The next major step for beauty therapy essays is to conduct some research on your specific subject and to test the purpose that you have developed for the particular topic. This involves gathering information through research that would include either primary research – information from people surveyed by the essay writer – or secondary sources, such as articles, books, and web site material.

A good deal of information is available on beauty therapy as the industry grows. Suggested places to look for source materials include the library, magazines and newspaper shops, book stores, the Internet, the beauty therapy school and instructors, and television and radio programmes (CEA 2006: 5). These materials will also contain charts and diagrams that may prove to be helpful for reinforcing the intended argument within the beauty therapy essay (CEA 2006: 6).

Step 4: Interpret the Results and Present the Findings

Once the material is gathered for expounding on the topic for the beauty therapy essay, the next step involves interpreting the results and presenting the findings (CEA 2006: 8). This part of the essay process is where information and data should be analysed to see how the facts that have been gathered do substantiate the essay’s purpose or topic. It is recommended that notes be taken throughout the course of reviewing all the research materials so that these can be included within the content of the beauty therapy essay.

The information that has been collected can then be used to first create a more detailed outline from which each major outline point can be developed into paragraphs that cover the related points from that section of the outline. This will ensure that the information on the beauty therapy topic creates a logical progression that leads the reader through in a way that makes sense and reinforces the primary argument.

Step 5: Draft the Essay and Refine the Argument

After this initial draft of the beauty therapy essay is created from the outline, the writing can be further refined with additional information, quotes, charts, tables, photographs, or a few of each, depending on the topic. It is important to ensure that every point that is incorporated from the research on the beauty therapy essay topic is properly attributed to a source so as not to plagiarise any portion of the beauty therapy essay. There are many reference guides available that illustrate how to attribute sources within the essay as well as construct a references, or bibliography, page at the end of the beauty therapy essay. During the draft stage of the beauty therapy essay, it is also good to consult with a tutor or instructor to make sure that the information is organised and relates back to the topic and the essay’s purpose.

Step 6: Check and Re-Check for Quality Standards

As the draft of the beauty therapy essay is finalised, this is an excellent time to review the assigned formatting requirements, including typeface (also known as the font), type size, page number location, suitable headings and margins, a title and table of contents page, and a reference (also known as works cited or bibliography) page. Usually, an instructor for the beauty therapy class will provide a checklist or instruction sheet that can be ticked off as each requirement has been added into the essay document. Depending on the type of essay required, the beauty therapy instructor may ask for appendices where data and a copy of the survey questions used to interview people can be included (CEA 2006: 9).

Again, it is beneficial to return to the tutor or instructor and consult with them on whether the requirements have been met to maximise that marks received for the beauty therapy essay. It is also very important to use the spell checker but still re-read the essay numerous times to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors. Sometimes, it helps to have someone else also read the beauty therapy essay because they may be able to serve as a fresh pair of eyes to see mistakes that could be otherwise overlooked.

Step 7: Enjoy the Essay Process

Lastly, it is important to look at the overall creation of a beauty therapy essay has more than an assignment that will lead to excellent marks. Learning should be fun rather than feeling like a chore. If each writing project is viewed as a learning experience that enriches one’s experience, deepens knowledge, and sharpens skills within a beauty therapy career, then it will be more enjoyable, thereby creating beneficial personal results as well as an increased likelihood for delivering a high-quality beauty therapy essay.


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