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Writing A Winning Masters Dissertation

One of the most involved writing projects you will do during your masters programme is to put together and finish a masters dissertation. Not only will it take a lot of planning and critical thinking, but you will also spend many months researching and writing in between your regular coursework, tests, and even your work if you are balancing your career with greater academic advancement.

This guide provides some tips on approaching your masters dissertation in a way that removes stress and adds greater potential for the grade you want.

Formulating a Masters Dissertation Game Plan

  • Your Proposal is Your Roadmap: You already have an outline. It's your masters dissertation proposal. Use it as the basis to organise your writing structure as well as define your project plan. You will have your chapters basically there and can simply continue adding sections and subsections to the proposal to build out your masters dissertation. This will keep you organised and ensure that you cover everything you need.
  • Research is Your Guide: While you might have started your research when you put together your proposal, it's now time to spend all your efforts developing your primary and/or secondary research that will form the basis of a more complete literature review and even add to your findings chapter. Research will also help you expand your methodology chapter and assist you in creating surveys, interview questions, or case studies. Be sure to get all source information so that you can compile your bibliography or reference list as you go. This will save you a lot of time later!
  • Writing takes Time: Ensure that you leave yourself time to not only read all your research but write it up in a way that illustrates you have thought and reflected on it and then can argue your points in an analytical way rather than simply regurgitating what is already there.
  • The Calendar is Your Friend: Your calendar is there to help you plan. Refer to that Gantt chart you made in your proposal so that you can stay on track. Don't procrastinate. If you make a plan to work on your dissertation a little bit every day, you won't be trying to pull off a major miracle and write thousands of words in one or two days. The results will be obvious that you did not put the time in and your grade will then reflect that you did not use your time wisely. Establish weekly goals that will keep you on task so that you can move the project along and have time to review and reflect before submitting it.
  • It Doesn't Hurt to Get Feedback: No one created a top grade masters dissertation in one pass. Instead, the best graded research projects most likely underwent numerous revisions and rewrites. Having more time to do this can help you enhance your argument, ensure logical connections, and cover all the details like consistent formatting and correct grammar. This also gives you the opportunity to have a fresh pair of eyes read it over and offer some constructive criticism to help you take your masters dissertation to the next level.

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