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The Formula For The Perfect Masters Dissertation

In order to use the right formula for the perfect masters dissertation, you need to know the equation for one that is far from perfect. Once you have that out of the way, then you can add up all the components that you will need to produce the masters dissertation that gets you the grade you want (and maybe need)! This guide provides you with the tips you need to put together the best master dissertation possible.

Ingredients for a Poor Masters Dissertation and a Great One

Here is what can be found in a masters dissertation that misses the mark:

Poor Perfect
Vague thesis statement and general objectives Clear thesis statement, aim, and objectives
Source material that has been repurposed or just quoted and narrow research framework Comprehensive references and deep analysis
Grammar mistakes and inconsistent or no formatting Correct grammar, spelling, and formatting
Lacks cohesiveness and critical thinking as well as fails to convince the reader as it lacks argumentation Shows understanding of course material and ability to take conceptual ideas and theories and draw conclusions based on the research

Steps to the Perfect Masters Dissertation

In order to develop the perfect masters dissertation rather than veer toward a poor end result, here are some steps to take:

  • Start planning early so you have the time you need to put in a lot of effort, especially if you know you have other academic and professional obligations to fulfil. This also helps in case anything unforeseen happens like not being able to get your primary research and having to change your methodology or if your advisor believes you have to rewrite a lot of the content.
  • Follow the dissertation structure rather than deviating from what is considered normal practice. Look at the handbook you are provided or review other examples online to see how a master's dissertation is organised. Typically, you will have a title page, abstract, acknowledgements, table of contents, introduction, literature review, methodology, data, discussion of the findings, conclusions, recommendations, references and a potential appendices.
  • Be sure to set weekly objectives as the time given to produce the masters dissertation will simply evaporate. This is not a project that can be done the night before or even the week prior to the due date. You may even need to turn in a chapter at a time so preparation is the key. Keep a calendar so you can check off each task.
  • Be stylish and sophisticated with your writing. Just because research is involved and it's a formal paper doesn't mean that it has to be dry and dull. Add visuals and tables to illustrate your points. Use subheads and bullet lists to present some of the data. Also, quality means sticking to the most important points and being specific. Do not resort to word fluffing and filling just to meet page count. Focus on key dissertation writing preferences like using third person, avoiding contractions and colloquial phrasing, staying away from personal opinions, and emphasising only a balanced and objective argumentation.
  • Take the time to ensure you have presented the most comprehensive amount of research possible within the timeframe. After all, a dissertation is another name for research study. Hence, research is the central aspect of the paper. Whether it is primary or secondary or a little bit of both, it should take centre stage. This will illustrate your capabilities in covering all aspects of the topic and leaving no theory or idea unturned. When you do enrich your masters dissertation with research, make sure you attribute all of it to a source and compile the back-up detail in your bibliography.
  • Revise and reflect and then revise again. The exercise of this assignment is to get you to think critically and take a different approach to an issue or topic that requires other insights. This is not something to skip over; instead you should immerse yourself in it whilst also talking with other people about it and sharing your work with an advisor or trusted colleague for constructive criticism. Rewriting does not mean you did a bad job; it simply means you are making it that much clearer, more coherent, more connected, and maybe even more interesting. It is important to check flow, formatting, and consistency - some of the details that can go missing but yet have a significant impact on your final grade.

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