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Writing Up Your Masters Dissertation Proposal

Before sitting down to just simply compose that brilliant masters dissertation you have already decided you're going to get, you must first submit a masters dissertation proposal that covers your plan and roadmap for how you plan to approach your research study and also, more importantly, state your case as to why you should be approved to research and write on a particular research topic. This guide will provide you with first steps, how to organise the proposal, and how to create a winning argument as to why your research topic is relevant.

First Steps

Getting started on a masters dissertation proposal means starting with:

  • A list of titles and topics based on your area of study and interest
  • A consultation with your advisor on the best areas to focus on and how to craft your title and topic into a relevant and compelling topic.

Master Dissertation Proposal Sections

Your masters dissertation proposal should have the following sections:

  • Project Summary or Abstract: This summarises what is contained in your proposal.
  • Table of Contents: This lists the main sections of your proposal as a guide for the reader to follow.
  • Project Description: This includes an introduction, objectives, and aims as well as research questions and the relevance of the topic.
  • Literature Review: This covers some of the available research material and also should present a section on the gaps that you have discovered that your research could fill.
  • Research Methodology: This explains the research tools used, why these are better than other available tools, advantages and disadvantages, data collection and analysis methods, ethical considerations and potential research limitations, including how you might address these limitations.
  • Timeline: Usually presented as what is known as a Gantt chart, this will breakdown how you will complete the various tasks involved in the masters research dissertation on a month-by-month basis.
  • Conclusions: This covers the main compelling points as to why you have a good plan and topic so that you can get started on your masters dissertation.

Creating the Compelling Content

The main way that you can convince your advisor to approve your masters dissertation proposal is to create compelling content. Here are some brief tips that can enhance your efforts on your proposal:

  • Spend time researching and gathering evidence, including statistics and real world application and implication related to the topic.
  • Find out what would make your research different and beneficial and focus your argument there.
  • Use the above as an outline and fill in each section to keep you organised. Be sure to use connections between the sections to link content and carry your argument through the whole proposal.
  • Spend time revising the proposal as well as share with others, including colleagues and your advisor to get advance assistance on improving it. The more effort spent here, the better the final product will be.

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