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Defining Masters Essay Excellence

Knowing what makes a masters essay excellent is half the battle won. This will help you avoid some of the common problems that lead to lower grades or even fail. Our guide is intended to help explain what some of the features are that define an excellent masters essay.


They say that the devil is in the details. Much of what seems like mindless tasks for a masters essay are where you can earn the most points that go toward a great grade. This involves understanding the assignment, verifying that your topic is on target, spending the time on research and finding the information necessary, reading, taking notes, writing from an outline and spending time on ensuring consistent formatting. Sounds like a lot of work but you will be rewarded for these efforts if you put the time in on each of these tasks.


How a masters essay looks is just as important as what it says. This means focusing on formats, visual elements like graphs and photos, grammar and spelling, word choice, subheads, references and in-text references, margins, font and spacing. A flawless presentation means that there are no mistakes and no inconsistencies. Don't leave it up to your word processing software to tell you if something is spelled correctly or if you missed the mark on word choice. Read it aloud or have someone else look at it. You are bound to find some places that the word processing software missed. Check with how your professor would like your illustrations and charts to be placed in your essay or if you should put them in an appendix at the end of the masters essay. Everything counts so pay attention to all these seemingly superficial factors.

Citation and Style Points

Most professors and universities have a specific citation they prefer as well as font and spacing choice. Maybe they want you to use block paragraphs or indentation. Do you need to use Harvard, Turabian, MLA or APA referencing? Will there be footnotes or in-text referencing? These are the details you need to know as you develop your masters essay. If you don't know, then ask. Your university often offers online guides or referencing style manuals. These can also be found in bookstores and online. Whatever you decide, make this task a priority so you can rack up the points toward an excellent masters essay.

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Identifying and Fixing the Common Masters Essay Mistakes

Knowing where you went wrong on a masters essay assignment can help you do better on the next assignment. But, what if you could have a list of all the common masters essay mistakes in advance so you don't make them in the first place? Our guide provides a way to help you identify some common mistakes and then how to fix them before you submit that masters essay for a grade.

Missing or Vague Thesis Statement

We've seen plenty of masters essays where the first few pages go by and we are still not sure what the main point or aim of the paper is about. This is because there is not a precise statement that defines the issue and positions the argument for the reader to follow. This serves as the roadmap for the entire masters essay. Without it, there is no real direction to the paper. This thesis statement should come at the end of your introductory paragraph or introduction section as the beginning of the paper starts with a general statement and moves closer to the specific until it reaches the thesis statement somewhere on the first page of the masters essay.

An Aimless Journey that May Never Reach its Destination

With no specific direction, a masters essay will get lost as will its reader, leading to a lack of interest or no conceivable destination. Instead, be sure to put signposts and markers throughout that lead the reader from one main point to the next until they reach a conclusion. There should be no side trips or tangents that take the reader away from the thesis statement. If anything, they should be reminded about the journey and where the masters essay is headed.

Stealing Ideas and Copying Content

While it may sound dramatic, if you don't attribute ideas and content to a reference or source, then you are, in fact, stealing or plagiarising, which is a huge mistake and one that could have serious academic consequences. It is always better to attribute as much as you can with a footnote or in-text reference with quote marks when using their exact words.

Offering a Summary Instead of a Conclusion

At the masters level essay, you should not be ending an essay with a regurgitation of everything you already said. Your readers just read all that and are aware of those points. Instead, you want to spend the last paragraph or two illustrating that you understood the information and can now offer your own thoughts or idea related to those points that also lead back to the thesis statement. Don't introduce anything new here; instead, use a real life example or concept that ties to the research material and helps provide an application for your thesis. This gives the reader more food for thought.

No Consistency

Seeing multiple variations on a reference listing or an in-text reference or having one subhead in bold and another in italics does nothing but confuse the reader and have them conclude that you did not take the time to ensure everything was consistent in your paper. Or, they might just think you didn't know what type of formatting to use and so tried everything you could think of in hopes something would be right. This takes away from the credibility you are trying to build within your argumentation. Take the time to make sure every subhead, reference, and format issue are the same throughout your masters essay.

A Lack of QC

Maybe you are in a rush to get your masters essay in on time or perhaps you relied on your word processing software to serve as your quality control mechanism. It is important to show that you thought the assignment was important enough to look at every comma and all your grammar with your own eyes or have another set of eyes double or triple check your work.

Not Asking for Help

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