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Our Premium Essay and Dissertation Marking and Proofreading Service is designed to help you make the most of your work. Our experts provide detailed comments and recommendations to help achieve the best grade possible. You will also receive an estimated grade for the work as it stands and an estimation for the work if the suggested improvements are implemented.

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Marking and Proofreading Service Features

Consistent constructive feedback from a qualified professional

Scanned and proofread work

We use the 'track changes' feature in Microsoft Word so that you can see exactly where we've made changes to your work. This helps you learn from the improvements we've made – you can examine each suggested change and apply it within your own work, ready for submission.

When checking your work, we also check for plagiarism; even an excellent essay can receive 0% if plagiarism is detected. Universities and colleges take plagiarism seriously, so we do too. We've developed our own plagiarism scanner that works in the same way as Turnitin and WriteCheck to ensure that your work is plagiarism-free upon submission.

Marking and feedback form

Our service doesn't just provide you with an estimated grade. One of the most valuable parts of the service we offer is the detailed feedback that your marker provides on the work you have produced.

This feedback is designed not only to justify the grade we provide, but includes the essential guidance you require to reach a higher grade.

It doesn't matter whether your work is at a third class or first class standard, because we'll always find a way to help you improve it. This means that when you come to submit your work, you're never disappointed with the result.

Qualified lecturers and professionals

We'll only ever let a marker take on your order if they are qualified to do so. This means that when you receive your order from UK Essays, you can expect all of the technical details to be correct. Not only will your marker be qualified in your subject of study, they will also have received that qualification in the same country in which you're studying.

University education standards vary globally, so we know it's vital that our UK customers only have markers who are qualified in the UK. The same applies to our US and Australian customers, who only have their work marked by American and Australian academics respectively.

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What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Marking and Proofreading Service

A small selection of the comments from our many happy customers

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"Thankyou for the peace of mind this service gave and for the advice on how to improve my grade.I will be using this service again! My resubmission was marked as 'Excellent'."

-Verified Customer

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What To Expect From Your Marking And Proofreading Order

Our service has a range of features to ensure you receive the best quality of service