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Revising for Geography Exams

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Published: 13th May 2020

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While it may seem like it is just about naming places and people, learning geography involves so much more. And, if you only look at studying with that in mind, you miss out on an incredible amount of important facts and knowledge that can help you navigate our globalising community and become more socially responsible in life when it comes to our fellow citizens of the world. Beyond the traditional ways to memorise information, here are some ideas that you can put into effect to help you become a whiz at recalling important geographic information:

  • Mnemonics, mind maps, colour coding, visual patterns and diagramming are all great tactics to employ when working on geographic terms for memory and recall.
  • Focusing on shortcuts and ways to identify the information is a must for a topic like geography that can involve a long list of names and locations.
  • Focus on materials that offer diagrams, pictures, maps and colours rather than just text. This is why flowcharts, mind maps, tables and tree diagrams work so much more effectively with the human brains, especially when it comes to geography where you may also be tested on a country’s shape or certain images that are presented for you to offer an answer on what country or city it might be found in.
  • Download maps or use online atlases to study specific areas. Recreate the maps by drawing them yourself to see if you can become more familiar with the location of countries to each other.
  • Connect recent events and news items to your geography studies to use this as a point of reference for remembering.

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