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School Delinquency And Rising Problems Young People Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Young People
Wordcount: 1898 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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School delinquency is a rising problem in our schools today. There are a large number of youth who are participating in youth delinquency in our schools. What are some of the problems that cause delinquency in our school? There are a number of reasons for this type of behavior. Poor parenting , children who are in poverty. School bullying plays a role in school delinquency. There has been large scale of gang activity in our school. There are many problems due to delinquency in our schools but it is everyone’s job to correct the problem.

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In our society we are faced with different forms of behavior, some good and some bad. The are many different view points, when it comes to how we are suppose to act. What is right and what is wrong is determined by what society except. What society don’t except is wrong acts that are also called acts of deviance. Deviance is something we look at as a act that violates our social norm. To understand what is not norm you have to understand the culture of which you live in. Murder, for instance is an act of taking someone’s life purposely. This is an example of delinquency. An act of such is not excepted by society. In society we have laws, they are design to govern and protect us. These rules give us a guideline to how we must act. The society that we live in is full of law abiding citizens and ones who break laws regular. In our society these law breakers are not only breaking laws in the community but they are introduced to our school system

Delinquent acts in our schools are committed by youth. Juvenile delinquency in our schools today has become a major problem. Our schools are not the same safe place to focus on education anymore. Some youth come to school everyday focus on education , ready to become what they are design to be in society. There are some youth who come to school just to participate in delinquent activities. There are many different reason children come to school but the problem occurs when the delinquent juvenile brings his delinquent behavior here.

There are many reason that causes kids to become delinquent in our schools. Most reasons start from home. Poverty, a major influence towards delinquent behavior. Poverty is when a family lacks the basic resources that normal families use to survive. Other kids who are furnished with nicer clothes and shoes may appear to be more important to youth who don’t have. Kids with more may even tease or down put youth who are not furnished with the basic goods. This type of behavior puts kids in a stressful mind frame. They deal with stress and eventually began to participate in deviant acts to try fitting in with the crowd. Kids who live in poverty are more exposed to crime. They are normally around violence and different crimes. They are exposed to law enforcement in a bad way at early ages. They grow up not trusting law enforcement or even respecting their authority figure. They suffer from bad living conditions, so their main focus is not school but basic survival. It can truly be devastating challenge for youth to conduct themselves in a school environment when they have this type of negative exposure. These kids suffer from many health problems , they don’t have resources for good medical treatment so school cant possibly be their strong points.

Social disorganization is another reason that youth act out in schools. For instance, children who were involved in a house hold with mother and father, who ended up getting a divorce is faced with a major change. Where as both parents being there and they have to adjust to just one causes great stress. These kids normally feel that it is their fault. They go to school and their grades drop, they began to feel like a failure. This attitude can easily give a youth , “the I don’t care attitude”. With this attitude, kids began to act out in school. They may start by simple little deviant acts to fighting in school to express their anger. In households with both parent, a child is more prong to listen to one parent more or even favor one more than the other. In this case if that parent who they favor is the one who leaves, that child is deffinately gonna at out in school. Another factor that can arouse from a broken home is that single parent will most likely have to work. This may even be long hours, taking away social time and time for help with home work. This means poor grades and more time to participate in deviant acts. While these deviant acts are occurring children are spending more time watching tv. A study at Columbia University showed kids that watch at least a hour of tv everyday commit robberies and fights. There are a lot of violent shows on television today. Youth are watching these violent shows and thinking that this behavior is excepted in society. The acts that they see on tv are taken to school where they find themselves in trouble. It can be a devastating things for parents not be able monitor their children properly.

Child abuse can lead to delinquency in schools. Parents who abuse their children are not only breaking the law but they are damaging their child’s future and well being. Child abuse can be anything from striking your kids to neglecting them. Physical child abuse can be hitting, burning, shaking a baby to hard. This is truly something that teaches a child that violence works. Kids are sent to school who are victims of abuse. They are in pain sometimes and don’t know where to turn. The are always stressed out and cant take it out on that parent so the act violently towards their peers at school. They often take on the role as being a bully. They began to tease other kids and called them names. The parents who abuse their kids are taking advantage of someone who the perceive as weaker than them. This same principle applied when their kids take on their role towards kids at school. They pry on children who they perceive as weaker than them. This type of behavior labels kids as school bullies. This type of behavior leads kids in to believing they can go around an violently do what they want to who they want. Becoming a school bully is not only bad for the child who is doing the bullying but it is bad for the victim. This behavior causes the person who is being bullied to retaliate against bullies creating another violent act in our schools.

Alcohol and drugs cause a major effect of delinquency in our schools. Drugs do not have a rightful place but definitely not in our schools. Drugs can be any illegal substance not prescribed by a doctor. The main drug of choice for youth is alcohol. Seventy three percent youth say they have tried it at one point of time in their lives. Youth who use alcohol says , “it relaxes them and reduces tension”. There are many bad sides to alcohol and youth activity. Most youth who drink alcohol are not properly supervised. They normally hang out late at night and miss school on a regular basis. They performance in school falls shorter and shorter. When they drink larger amounts they act the alcohol act as a depressor. Youth whole attitude changes in school , they may even come to school while under the influence. A youth under the influence of alcohol in schools can cause major problems.

Another drug that youth like to take is , marijuana. This drug is a green leafy substance known as pot. This drug contains (THC). To much marijuana can be a major effect to youth react in school. This substance is illegal and should not be around schools. This substance can cause youth to act different in school and bring it on school grounds, definitely an act of delinquency.

Steroids are another drug found in our schools today . They are used by school athletes to try and bulk up. These drugs cause youth to gain large amount of muscle mass, but it also causes a great risk. This drug can change the way youth act, they may become aggressive. An aggressive youth in our schools can be hard for staff to manage.

Crack is a really dangerous drug. Crack is a substance that is cheap and highly addictive. It can be smoked. A youth who comes into contact with this drug is pretty much damaged for life. This drug actually transform youth into a dying person. Youth who come into contact with it will most likely quit school . In the beginning stages they may be able to go to school but they are guaranteed to steal and commit all sorts of crimes to support their habit.

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Gangs is another reason for delinquency in our schools. There are different type of gangs .There are social gangs in school who will participate in delinquents acts but their main goal is to get drunk and high. These type gangs in our school are still deviant because they are participating illegal act but there are more serious gangs in our schools. The gangs who don’t normally worry about getting high but focus on violence. These gangs don’t care who they harm. It could be detrimental for youth to get involved with this type of gang. These gangs in school use there power in school to get what they want. They will threaten other students and dare them to tell. These gangs are controlling the schools because it also offers protection. The old saying, “if you can’t beat um join um” applies.

Our school system is full of all sorts of acts of delinquency. There are a number of programs design to make our schools better. D.A.R.E is program design to teach kids and let the know about the dangers of drugs. This program has truly been a success. After school programs have been in effect to aid against delinquency in our schools. There are many approached to helping with this problem of delinquency in our schools. Not everyone household is the same, but we all should have the same goal when it comes to making our schools a place for education not a place for delinquent acts. One major problem to the solution is for everyone to take a good look ourselves and find out what we can do to help this situation. Spending time with your kids and finding out how their days are going. By starting this you can start a trend by letting that child know you care about them. Taking time with your kids, walking in the park and playing with your kids shows them that attention. You must discipline them when they are in need. Never let your children be the parent. Our youth need that extra attention in the society we live in. It is very important for us to give them that attention because some drug dealer is standing at the school’s playground fence or bus stop waiting to show them that attention that leads to school delinquency. It is not only the schools job, law enforcement, after school program but it is all of jobs when it come to dealing with school delinquency. When I focus on correcting my child’s action and making sure they are doing what they are suppose to do, then that is one less problem child in our schools. The correcting of our children in our school system creates a safer environment for us all.

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