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Comparison of Cyberbullying and Traditional Bullying

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Many people in their life have suffered from bullying and its different types of forms, some of them are: traditional bullying and cyberbullying. Bullying is something like continuous growth. Talk about traditional bullying or face to face, is talk about a repeated aggression between one person and another. This type of bullying usually occurs during the school day and between small audiences if we talk about children; but on adults, this happens all the time and, sometimes, never realize when and why did it start? Cyberbullying is less physical but more harmful because the Internet is a fast connection between the world and your life, this type of harassment has a greater potential for a wider audience and contains the anonymous style. That is why agree that cyberbullying is more dangerous and harmful than traditional bullying. In this essay, will talk about how these two different types of bullying are developed, which include how they grow over time and the consequences and difference for victims.

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Cyberbullying is done online, which makes it more dangerous, humiliating and, sometimes, not tolerant since the Internet is a viable network for all and for all kinds of things, the fear of its victims grows due to their insecurities. However, who in those times do not know about social networks? Teenagers and little ones know how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all social networks give those free means to publish them every day and become viral. In this type of bullying, anyone can become a stalker it is very difficult to escape because with just one click and sends certain information such as photos, videos or other hidden details of the their lives can be filtered through the Internet anonymously, making a mockery of all the people. It is very difficult to identify the harasser, but it is easier to resort to humiliation and shame because certain information has spread rapidly among a large number of people, whose reaction causes the effect of the damage to multiply. It can occur 24 hours a day, every day of the week, so the feeling of lack of security is greater. This occurs among adolescents between 11 and 14 years old.

Traditional bullying is when the victim is chosen as the target of continuous aggression and is made by one or more people, causing harm, verbal or physical, the use of gestures or signs come to be the torture of every day, with the Only desire that the person who performs bullying is the one that intimidates and dominates. Most of the time this type of bullying happens in schools, so the victim feels safe on weekends when he is away from the place where bullying occurs. Is carried out in a personal and direct way, is known by everyone and the abuser never hides, usually lasts defined times until they get tired of the victim, and their defined space is the school, sometimes it is done in front of the own adults and can be discovered. This occurs between adolescents of 13 and 15 years.

Cyberbullying can occur anywhere, any day of the week, at any time. As technology is making major changes, it is likely to increase, until today it is only known that it is done by sending unwanted emails or instant messages, publishing false information, using social networks to harass, hacking personal accounts, identity theft, sending spam or viruses. Can be direct or indirect, by direct we mean that the person faces often faces and identifies, but indirectly is to use other people to help or carry out bullying. What we are sure of is that this type of bullying is used through technology, under an anonymous profile, it can re-emerge after several years, it can be done from any space or place and obviously, without the presence of anyone, and more risky is that it is modified jointly with the capabilities of the technology.

Traditional Bullying has defined as aggressive behavior repeated over time, this type of bullying frequently occurs in schools because students who are bullied miss more school, start to show poorer achievement, poor health and depression. For example, in Perceived reasons for the negative impact of cyberbullying and traditional bullying, explains,“Victims of direct forms of traditional bullying scored highly on feelings of anger, embarrassment, being stressed, being afraid, depressed and alone” (296). They explain the experienced of the variety of negative emotions the victim can have, like as they can linked this type of bullying with a suicidal ideation.

One of the most obvious differences is the use of technology as a communication channel for aggression, another of them is time and space. Realize that these different types of bullying can be developed between: For traditional bullying, it can be between journey of the house and the school, the playgrounds, the recreation, the breaks, the corridors, the bathrooms especially where there are no adults present. For cyber bullying since it does not happen in a specific place, there are no schedules or dates, and that is why the victim is not safe at any time. Another one is the time in which it manifests, for traditional bullying it can be during school age, while for cyber bullying it does not disappear with age, nor with school periods, it is timeless, at any time or another it can reoffend as the information that is put on the Internet in certain years can be recovered and placed again to generate a new situation of mockery, not simply about eliminating data on the Internet, since everyone had access to your download.

If they are harassing you, if someone is messing with you using hurtful comments or if you know someone who is being subjected to this type of behavior, there is no reason for you to suffer in silence. In fact, you should report any text message, publication or email of offensive nature that you receive or read. What works with bullying in person, typical of the real world, also works with cyber bullying, typical of the virtual world. Ignoring the harasser is the best way to extract their power, although it is not always easy to do so (both in the real world and in the virtual world). If someone is bothering you, try not to connect to the computer or turn off the phone for a while. Do not answer, and never send the bully’s message to another person. Find something to disconnect from what is happening to you and distract you. Do something that you are passionate about and that prevents you from thinking about what is happening to you, like playing the guitar, going for a run, or losing yourself in a good book or a good movie. You can also chat with one of your parents or your brother or play with your pet.

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Like any adversity we face, it can serve us later to put into perspective the following difficulties that life brings us, or as an excuse to review and change, things that, when we felt good about ourselves, we did not know they did not work. When you suffer bullying, you feel a total bewilderment as to why they are doing this to you. You come to the conviction that it is because you deserve it, because you are very cold, or very heavy, or very foolish, or very boring, or very rare. The voice of your abuser creeps into your mind and becomes your own; you internalize their insults and adopt them as your opinions. This feeling of guilt is so strong that you make the decision that you must change your way of being. However, when time passes and your attempts fail, you conclude that there is something in you that makes you intrinsically incapable of being loved, so you have to resign yourself.

Even if bullying taught the victim to be stronger, the aggressor would still be an aggressor. His intention was not to help her; it was to take advantage of her. Another thing is that the play did not come out. As such, he deserves to be punished for his actions, regardless of whether or not the victim achieves the profitability of what he did to him. If something derives directly from bullying, it is the destruction of your self-esteem. In addition, if it does not destroy you, it is thanks to you. In addition, if I am happy now, it is thanks to me, and to the luck of not having suffered what others. If it had been like that, I do not know what would be of my life. However, those who have suffered it are very strong. Not the kind of supposed strength that the statement of the head speaks about, but a real force, the strength of living with the life they have been forced to lead. However, because they are, not because the cocoons of the world have given it to them as a divine gift.

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