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Issues at AirAsia

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Once the plane of AirAsia takes off, the transportation service provided to the customers is consumed simultaneously. Since there is no food provided during the service, AirAsia has made use of this opportunity to sell food and beverages. Through the selling process, it creates interaction with customers and it allows them to percept the quality of the service.

No free baggage allowance

There is no free baggage allowance on AirAsia X. Unlike other airlines who decide to increase airfares that are imposed on all passengers, AirAsia X believes that by charging for checked-in baggage, it is more reasonable and it will helps to keep air fares low. AirAsia X will incur more fuel costs with every kilogram of weight added to the aircraft. Thus, guests who take on less weight will be able to save more.

(http://www.airasia.com/site/en/faqSearch.jsp )

Fully ticketless travel

AirAsia is a ticketless airline, therefore, instead of tickets; they will provide you with an itinerary which contains your booking number as well as your payment and travel details via email. This is also a means of cutting cost by not printing any tickets.

Unassigned seats

The seats on AirAsia are based on free seating style. There will not be any seats assigned to you unless you pay an extra fee for it. Therefore, we would see long queue at the waiting area of AirAsia as many of the passengers would want to grab the best seats for the flight. By implementing free seating plan, it helps to encourage passengers to be punctual so that the plane could take of early.

Safety trip

AirAsia pilots practice standard applications, technical and behavioural tests, ground school training, safety and emergency procedural training, full flight simulator. Travel with AirAsia pilots who have both mind and heart. (http://www.airasia.com/site/en/faqSearch.jsp THIS PART IS COPY PASTE, HAVEN EDIT)

Self Check-in Service

Self Check-in is a service that allows guests to check-in from our airport kiosks, via mobile or online on our website without needing to be at the check-in counter at the airport. With this facility, it helps the customers to save their time and also need not have to queue up early for the boarding pass. This facility if convenient and it also helps to increase demand for the AirAsia seats for people who prefer fast and efficient check-in service without long queue.


Explicit Services

Attractive and sexy air-stewardesses

The stewardesses of AirAsia are famous for their attractiveness. With red shirt and skirt on them, it really enhances their beauty and this makes the trip really pleasant for the customers. They are friendly and would always greet their customer with a smile. AirAsia even advertise the faces of their air stewardess on their plane. Their main duty on flight is to perform the safety precautions procedures to the passengers and also walk around the cabin to assist the passengers and also to see if they need to purchase any food. However, there were a minority who complaint that the air stewardesses are unfriendly and do not greet the customers when they see them. Thus, AirAsia still need to work on their consistency of their air stewardesses.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xivjlxNim18
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1p31o7hkW_A
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah-p-qL8Xj0
  • http://www.airasia.com/site/sg/en/pressRelease.jsp?id=14f35316-c0a8c85d-eb784700-58cd40f1&type=read

Quality of the customer service

There were numerous of feedbacks complaining that the automated system of the helpline was giving them a run around without providing a solution. Many of the customers complained that it is just impossible to get through the helpline and talk to a staff to assist them. And even if they got through; the staffs were unhelpful and were rude to them. For those who lose their baggage during their flight, AirAsia has not been very efficient in assisting the customers. Their reply was slow and the claim is even slower.



According to research, AirAsia have always trying their best to maintain their on time departure record by offering unassigned seats and providing self check-in service to customer to encourage them to be punctual. Despite the effort to maintain punctual departure record, there are still a number of complaints regarding the delay and cacellation of flight. In event when flight has been cancelled, passengers were informed last minute and they complained that the staffs was not very helpful and willing in assisting them in the booking of new tickets. Thus, there is still room for improvement regarding AirAsia’s customer service and their on time departure record.


Website is available with information that the customers wish to find out. (E.g. Prices, promotions and flight info). It also allows customers to book and purchase tickets online conveniently. Call center and sales office is also available in every country where AirAsia is located in.


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