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Factors to Consider for Transportation and Packaging

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All aspects of the supply chain are important in getting products from the manufacturer to its designated location. When looking at the transportation aspect of the supply chain one must think about what comes directly before that process. That process is the packaging of products. The packaging of the products must be able to withstand the transportation part to ensure that goods get to their destination safely and intact. Transportation and packaging can go hand in hand and seeing how the two support each other during the supply chain is interesting.

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There are many important steps and factors when transporting goods. Being sure to choose the right packaging is an extremely important assessment. Companies must do their due diligence prior to the shipment of a package to find the right packaging method that will benefit the company and also the consumer. They must also assess which mode of transportation will best support the package and which packaging method will best support the mode of transport used. There are issues that packagers must consider when packaging goods and they include sturdiness, the environment, the cost, and accessibility. There are a variety of trustworthy shipping containers available to choose from but finding the right one can be a daunting process due to the factors mentioned above. All types of packaging have to be secure during transport, no matter which mode is used.

The main types of packaging that is typically used are paper, plastic and wood. Paper based shipping containers are flexible and are one of the cheapest types of packaging. Paper based shipping containers usually include materials such as folding carton, paperboard cans and corrugated fiberboard boxes. Folding cartons are made from paperboard but are then cut and folded. Paper is made to be tough, light, and customizable to meet a person’s need. Cardboard boxes are usually easy to transport because they are stackable and space saving.

    Wood based shipping containers are best used for heavy objects. Wood is used for many things when it comes to shipping materials, one example being pallets. Pallets are not a type of packaging, but they are used to hold heavier objects and make transporting those objects easier. Since they are already transport ready, all the transporters have to do is load it up on the truck. Packagers and transporters have to trust each other when it comes to each of them doing their jobs. For an example, transporters have to trust that packages are packaged correctly and can hold during transport. Wood is flexible and you can create a wooden crate to fit your shipping needs. This will allow for a smooth transport since you would not have to worry a lot about products moving around. Wood based shipping packages are good for protecting goods from getting damaged due to their hard, wooden outer surface. Easy to stack, wooden crates are good for stacking materials waiting to be shipped out. Wooden creates are great for storing items that are not yet ready to be shipped at the moment because they can be held in storage for a considerable amount of time. Even if there are delays in transportation, one could be assured that the wooden crates would not be in distress due to the longer transporting process. Raw wood can become contaminated with fungi and bacteria, which can be dangerous during transport because it can start to disintegrate.

Plastic is used to wrap certain products to hold packages together so that they are sturdy for transport. Having them held together with plastic wrap will hopefully keep packages sturdy and together during transport which will minimize damage to products. Many companies will reuse their plastic containers to save money. Plastic is convenient, but it can also be very dangerous at times, especially when it is heated. If a truck is too warm in the back, then it is possible that the plastic can melt together or cause precipitation which can possibly cause damage to packages. 

During the packaging of any product, no matter how big or small, there is always a supply chain that most companies follow. When considering paper, plastic and wood packaging, you have to look at how each of the different material is going to fit in the chosen method of transportation, whether it is a truck, train or plane. Companies also have to be aware of how long each type of packaging material will handle being stored for any period of time and how it is going to keep up with the weather. All material will react differently to different weather and air pressure that can come from storage. Packaging anything must be carefully thought out and well executed to ensure safe delivery from the time it leaves a company’s warehouse to the time it arrives at the consumer’s door or its desired destination. 

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Paper, plastic and wood shipping containers are very important to the transportation industry. Without secured packaging, it would be hard to transport products from the manufacturer to costumers effectively. “From making transportation possible to protecting your goods during transit, logistic packaging is a vital part of the delivery process” (kimberleywatsonpackaging.co.uk). When trying to determine the best packaging method for shipment, knowing what mode of transportation is going to be used is a crucial factor. Whether it is wood, plastic or paper choosing the right packaging for shipping could make or break the company’s reputation. You could lose a lot of money if you don’t do the proper research needed or even harm yourself or others around you. Concerns such as how sturdy and how big or small the container is could cost you and depending on where your shipping the goods you could get fined. All modes of transportation have their advantages and disadvantages. It is on the company to pick and find the right one that will benefit your company and the consumer and also ease the transportation process.

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