The Tourism Sector In Promoting Mauritius Tourism Essay

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Mauritius is an island located in the Indian Ocean it is a dream destination with tropical climate and a dream nature. For the past few years Mauritius has brought drastic changes in the economy and advancement of the country. Mauritius offers a number of attractions to tourist in terms of a wide variety of hotels, restaurants, approachability, striking beaches and richness in culture. The economic growth of Mauritius has been the result of the enlargement of the superfluity luxury tourism industry. The tourism sector in Mauritius is playing a vital role in giving its contribution in the expansion of domestic industries. There is a great hand of this sector in the progress of the infrastructure and in attracting foreign investment and simplifying the transfer of technology. Many travelers come to Mauritius to spend their time for relaxation, medical purpose, for its beautiful locations and for business conference. The future of Mauritius is that the tourism industry will contribute increasingly to the national economy. New tourist-related jobs, specialists and tourist services will emerge. Hotel facilities will expand and the number of visitors will rise up. Moreover, the will to keep quality at its highest level will be unshakeable. This is also what will make the Mauritian destination stand out from others.

1.1Background to the problem

1.2 Significance of the study

This dissertation can be of great help to the people involving in the process of promoting Mauritius as a tourist destination. Through this they will be able to know whether a country like Mauritius need to be innovate to a great extent in order to increase the level of tourist. The MTPA and other related organization can get an idea of what marketing strategies can be used and what can be done to make Mauritius a unique destination compare to other tourist destinations

1.3 Aims of the study

Aims: This study explores new concepts of marketing management practices to recreate the image of the tourism sector by promoting Mauritius as a tourist destination.

1.4 Objectives of the study


ƒ˜ To explore key marketing concepts such as SWOT analysis, branding, new promotional activities.

ƒ˜ To understand the role of marketing and the forces used to promote tourism destination and the factors pulling tourists to Mauritius.

ƒ˜ To help in diversifying the types of tourism.

ƒ˜ To helps n diversifying the tourism resources

ƒ˜ To help in re-engineering the tourism sector in Mauritius.

ƒ˜ To analyze the actual tourist arrival trend of tourists to Mauritius.

ƒ˜ To identify the role of the MTPA in promoting Mauritius as a tourist destination.

ƒ˜ To know the contribution of AHRIM (Association des Hoteliers ET Restaurant de L'ile Maurice).

ƒ˜ To know about the function of tour operators in promoting Mauritius as a tourist destination.

1.5 Problem statement

The tourism sector is considered to be the pillar of Mauritius and hence great efforts should be carried out to maintain the stability of this sector in the tourism market. One has to continuously review and evaluate from all fronts, both internal and external, factors that are threatening its very survival. There is an intense competition in the international tourism industry. It is a great matter of concern for the government and organization in Mauritius to maintain the image of the tourism sector of Mauritius. This is so because internationally everyone is getting involved in implementing different marketing strategies to attract the most number of tourists. However, in an ever changing world, nourishment is a continuous battle. Mauritius has to carry on diversifying its economic strategy, especially in this tough competitive world marketplace.

Whenever there is a conversation on tourism one have a tendency to think of mostly huge classy hotels and places of beautiful sceneries, like of Casella, Crocodile Park and bagatelle . But tourism is a very immense all pervasive commerce touching almost every tread of our day-to-day private and public life; to just name a few, such as air travels, travel agency/tour operators, transports, restaurants, places of attractions and fast food. The list is practically endless. The influence this can have upon the livelihood of those directly or indirectly involved is indescribable in the wake of possible tourist decline, least to say upon the entire nation. That is why the need to market tourism as a tourist destination is very important as this will help to increase the level of tourist in Mauritius.

To maintain in the long run of being a successful destination, a new image should be proposed and more hard work should be done by the, government, MTPA, NTPA, AHRIM to measure the achievement of their marketing strategies used in promoting Mauritius as a tourist destination.

1.6 Research questions

1.7 Assumptions

1.8 Format of the study

Chapter 1 It consist of the introduction of tourism sector in Mauritius, the reason and use of conducting this also state the problem statement, aims and objectives of the study, a review about Mauritius, and rational behind the study.

Chapter 2 consists of the literature lay emphasis on the various promotional tools that push visitors to come to a tells us about the marketing strategies, destination marketing, destination branding.

Chapter 3 it presents the research methodology which describes what sampling methods have been used, how data have been collected from the tour operator and form the MTPA, how the questionnaires design was and what are the problems that have occurred to collect these data?.

Chapter 4 presents all the analysis and discussion.

Chapter 5 is a conclusion about the study and it deals with all the recommendations.

1.9 Conclusion - a short paragraph that rounds off this chapter and prepares the reader for the next chapter.

Note: Use a minimum of 8 sources to write this chapter. Ensure that the focus is on MANAGEMENT.

Title: Re-creating the image of the tourism sector in promoting Mauritius as a tourist destination

Chapter 2



The objective of this chapter is to study the actual tourist's trend in Mauritius and to explore the importance of marketing concept to market Mauritius as a tourist destination. It is also to investigate whether appropriate promotion exertions are being carried out by the MTPA and the tour operators to recreate the image of the tourism sector of Mauritius.

The literature review will examine the following points:

What is tourism?

Definitions and roles of the MTPA

The concept of marketing

Importance of marketing

Marketing strategies

Marketing mix

Tourism marketing

Destination marketing

Branding and the importance of branding

Destination branding

Destination image

The roles of destination management organizations (tour operators)

What is tourism?

In 1941, Hunziker and Krapf defined tourism as people who travel "the sum of the phenomena and relationships arises from the travel and stay of non-residents in so far as they do not lead to permanent residence and are not connected with any earning activity."

That is a tourist is someone who do not come to a country to work. He or she is not here to live permanently.

In 1976, the Tourism Society of England's definition was: "Tourism is the temporary, short-term movement of people to a destination outside their home country".

What I have understood through this is that a tourist is someone who live their places where they usually live and work and their doings throughout the stay at each destination. It comprises engagements for all purposes.

In 1981, the International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism defined "tourism in terms of particular activities selected by choice and undertaken outside the home."

By this the Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism means that tourism is plenty of activities done outside the home place.

In 1994, the United Nations classified three forms of tourism in its Recommendations on Tourism Statistics:

Domestic tourism is people of the known country traveling only inside the country.

Inbound tourism means non-residents traveling in the given country.

Outbound tourism is those residents who travel in a new country.

The roles of destination management establishments

Definition of the MTPA

The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority.

The name itself speaks a lot. They are here to market the tourism sector of Mauritius. They are involve in evolving marketing strategies, they do publicity campaign of numerous destination in consist in the creation of brochures, pamphlets, and various promotional events.

Tourism Marketing Promotion and the Role of National Tourism

Promotion Agencies/Organizations (NTPAs).

Notionally tourism campaign efforts (in terms of attendance in road shows, marketing, publicity and brand name among others) target mainly at publicizing as much facts as possible about a destination and its charms in a go to make it better known in the ever increasing competitive international tourism market.

Besides, tourists now know more about various sceneries and tourism products, so there is a pressure on the promotional agencies to provide greater level of information pertaining to services offered (including hotel), activities, uniqueness of the destination and culture among others.

The tour operators

Mauritius Tour Operators offer striking travel packages inclusive of traveling, accommodation and sightseeing. Being a fundamental part of the Mauritius tours, the tour operators deliver a detailed insight into the attractiveness of the island. Tour Operators of Mauritius also offer tailor-made packages especially appropriate to the distinct and specific needs of the travelers.

ƒ˜ some of the well-known tour operators in Mauritius are as follows:

ƒ˜ Mauri Travel

ƒ˜ World Travel and Tours

ƒ˜ Mauri Tours

ƒ˜ White Sand

ƒ˜ Macambo Tours

Apart from the Mauritius tour operators there are further travel operators besides who offer fascinating travel packages from other countries to the island.


Marketing is considered so basic that it cannot be a separate function. It is the whole business from a separate function, it is the whole business seen from the point of view…the success of a business is not determined solely by the product but by the customer. (Peter Drucker)

According to Kotler (1997), marketing is classically perceived as the charge of making, endorsing and transporting belongings and services to customers and companies; it is demarcated as a common procedure by which individuals and crowds gain what they need and want through constructing, proposing and easily exchanging products and services of importance with others.

Marketing can also be define as a social and managerial process y which individuals and groups obtain what they need and what though creating and exchanging products and value with others.(Kotler,1994)

Peter Stimpson, 2005 defines marketing as the process of exploring into and detecting consumer needs and retaining suitable price, product, and place and promotion strategies in order to please these needs profitably.