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People travel for different reasons; this can mainly be to do with economic, environmental and socio-cultural factors. People also travel for the sort of changes that are in another destination or for emergency reasons. According to the economical side of why people travel has mostly to do with expenses. In tourism there are different market segment groups. Which tourism providers meet needs differently as these markets have different financial levels. The market segment groups are the upper class, middle class and lower class. The upper class are rich, people such as the government. Middle class are the people that are just about able to afford much of what upper class can buy. Lower classes are people that earn low wages and don’t earn enough to always travel. Upper class people travel mostly for business regardless of the price but obviously still making sure the places they go is luxury for the money they pay. Travelling for business is classed as educational tourism. Middle class tend to travel to get a break from work alongside having an exciting and memorable time. For example travelling to ski this is classed as adventure tourism. Known as doing things that are thrill seeking and fun as most probably a once in a life time experience. As middleclass people have different interest when taking their break from work, they are travelling could be to do with going to spa or visiting historical places which is known as health tourism and Dark tourism. Middle class reinsure that they spend their money on the right type of holiday as it could be a once in a life time experience and the money has to go to right use also as they are mainly there for relaxation. Hence middleclass people have to work for their money to go on holiday so they go more for the cheaper option holiday for example Sun Sea and sand holidays which don’t cost much. When it was found that certain destinations are cheap and affordable this tends to persuade lower class people to travel. Moreover people liked to choose the right places where they would get extra value; this is especially a factor when it comes to exchange rate. Exchange rate is important as this is one of the factors that affect motivation on travelling, as people want to get more for the money they exchange not less. Since the year of the recession they have been an increase in domestic tourism which is due to the expenses of travel. People have less money so they choose cheap domestic places where they can get more out of their money. ¬†Expenditure fell by 1.7% in 2010 to £52.66bn and the number of visits both in the UK and abroad fell by 5.2% to 175 million (Key Note). The recession had not affected high income travellers, recession affected middle and low income earners which means that price is a big solution for people to travel.

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The environmental reasons for why people travel is mainly because of the climate change and also the cleaner sort of natural features that are around and looked after more. People enjoy experiencing the different types of weather conditions they’re not use to. People want to have a change of scene. UK travellers are not use to tropical weather conditions; they are used to having cold weather and sometimes small amounts of sun. Resultantly most travellers whom travel to Spain are from the UK. In the year of 2011 from January to September Spain welcomed in excess of eleven million UK tourist arrivals, a cumulative increase of 9, 2% year on year, making it one of the best years ever for UK tourism to Spain (2011). Spain has many beaches which people like to go and experience and see the sort of sand that is golden and cleaner. People that are eco-friendly decide to travel to help the eco-tourism side of the world and support more as not a lot of people take an eco-tourism holiday which is another type of holiday that people travel for which is similarly linked to sustainable tourism.

Lastly socio-cultural reasons for why people travel is to meet new people, experience different cultures. People travel for celebrations such as festivals which can be religious. This is classed as cultural tourism, moreover travelling to visit sites which are historical and religious sites such as cathedrals.

Other motivations for why people want to travel are for Medical reasons which are classed as medical tourism. Medical tourism is to do with the health of people that travel for it. People travel to variety of destinations where they feel medical treatment is best. Medical situations are all different and can be very expensive or not performed as well in some home destinations so people travel to get the right treatment. For example in the UK there is the NHS which offer free health care because of this a lot tourist choose to travel to receive that free service.

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The way that tourism providers use all this information is by meeting all the needs of their customers and making sure that they are satisfied. However they keep track on tourist behaviour for example how they react to new changes or destinations which they continue to analyse and this gives them more ideas to develop and introduce things to tourist. Tourism providers do this differently, firstly starting with a tour operator when making the holiday packages they would include certain motivations that a tourist would want to try depending on the market segment; also price would vary dependant on the type of group that would buy the holiday for example high class people would expect high prices with excellent service and activities given to them as they have paid expensive rates. Those kinds of holiday packages would be first class, tour operators would give these holiday package created to travel agents to try sell. Meanwhile this is a travel agents role of persuading and trying to sell the holiday but giving reasons why people should travel. Attraction providers use this information by creating more infrastructures and trying to make their attractions as unique as possible in order to have more people wanting to experience this for example Dubai has many attractions which no destination has yet to come. Accommodation providers try to make different star rated accommodations for customers to feel comfortable and to enhance the experience people are having for example staying in an unlimited resort this offers tourist relaxation and gives more of a holiday experience as everything is done for you. Finally other tourism providers including the ones above try to meet the expectations of a customer. Yearly they calculate how many tourist arrivals they get in a destination and the length stay which gives them a knowledge of if they are doing things wrong which they use to improve for it to be right. Reflecting on Spain once again as said earlier in the year of 2011 from January to September Spain welcomed in excess of eleven million UK tourist arrivals, a cumulative increase of 9, 2% year on year, making it one of the best years ever for UK tourism to Spain (2011). This shows that providers continue to motivate the reasons why people choose to travel to this destination. For example since they have started launching cheap all inclusive packages which you can also include excursions and other types of activities for cheap it has been more travellers as they are meeting the needs of these people and also giving them more. From looking at the types of reasons people travel, tourism providers continue to build things the way tourist would like to see it. This is the way that they generate income this is why they continue to introduce destinations after destinations so that even when people get bored of certain destinations there are a variety of other destinations to choose from. As another reason for why people travel to a destination is for how accessible it is tourism providers try to choose suitable locations that will be easy to go to if not the transport providers get included into packages to motivate people as for example people getting straight Coach transfers to their hotels. Moreover this information of making things more accessible is acknowledged by transport providers that’s why it is often included in packages or bought with booked holidays such as having Car hire if you want to do things independently.

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