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The Development Of The Hospitality Industry

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Published: 27th Apr 2017 in Tourism

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Historians have traced the development of the hospitality industry through thousands of years and many cultures Viewing the industry through lens of history is helpful because it reveals the strong relationship between the shape of hospitality and the needs and expectations of diffrents societies. Because societies will continue to change in what they want,the hospitality industry will also continue to change . Future leaders within the industry will need to be focused on the ever-changing workforce and the evolving expectations of the travelling customers.

1.Define the term Hospitality Industry and give examples, advantages, and disadvantages of their use in the hospitality industry.

If you’re one of the people who gets satisfaction from provide service with a warm smile , this industry could be right up your alley in no time. In the hospitality industry , looking good and presenting good is being warm and cheerful and making people feel comfortable plays an important part of the hotel industry.The industry covers a wide various of portfolios in fields ranging from hotel to hotel to tourism and public relations.Hospitality and leisure contain of industry within the food services,recreation,accommodation and entertainment sectors.The ministry tourism has predicted a boom in the hotel sector in the country and those in the city wanting to be a part of this boom can chose courses offered by several institutes and colleges.Therefore, there are private institutes in the city that offers courses that will help many students to become airline cabin staff such as flight crew. Flight crew are require to have a cool head in times and calm passengers down in the emergency situations and see to it that they are kept comfortable and safe. Their duities include serving ,selling , preparation of onboard food and beverages.with the advantages of the hotel industry there also comes the disadvantages too. The disadvantages are working later hours at night and be very busy whole day, sometimes you may even skip your lunch , dinner . The disadvantages are also required training and education for a hotel management career , one disadvantages is to enter a career in hotel management is a need to gain some education and experience . Almost all of the hotel chains require a bachelor’s or master’s degree to enter management position. Usually , the specialization in hospitality or hotel management is preferred and always needed. Therefore , motels may only require an associate’s relevant experience . Formal internships may also can required in some cases.Work environment, Employment Prospects , is another disadvantages in hotel industry , despite having a certain degree , there are also many types disadvantages to the work environment and job duties of a hotel and as a manager in the hotel. It may be difficult to conduct a whole range of activities to maintain a hotel’s function. This adds pressure from the responsibility of turning a profit. Although hotel managers can create their own schedule , may times maintain a hotel business requires working a very long hour. Usually, managers are on-call. In most some nighttime work hours will be require. Creates problems of adaptability to forgein environment and culture and its also increases the forgiveness of the subsidiary, it may also involve high transfer and salary coasts .hotel industry may lead to high failure rate. May be subject to local government restrictions. hotel industry there’s many advantages and disadvantages working in a hotel line is not an easy job to do. It has all the hustle and bustle . but , the advantages in working in the hotel line is you get to see the beautiful atmosphere and know many different types of people . Some of them maybe proud some of them are very friendly. The disadvantages are the working in the hotel line is a very tiring job also. Despite their operating freedom and generally small scale ,independents confront more difficult financial challenges than chain hotel . They faced the highest failure rate in the recession of the early 1990s . In order to get off the ground , they usually must raise large amounts of capital and show a very early profit ,despite limited advertising ans sales budgets . Independent hoteliers develop all of their own operations systems , so they succeed or fail based on the effectiveness of these systems . These systems are often very expensive and require significant debt service . Charge a commission that can be as high as 10 or 15 percent of the room rate.


In conclusion , once again if the employee acknowledges the request and at least fulfill it to the customer is usually satisfied. On the other hand employee disinterest or unwillingness to consider resolving the service encounter leaves the customers dissatisfied. Advantages and disadvantages also have their good and bad sides . Both must changes and improve.



Government that bring tourism to an economy all levels make an effort to develop and promote tourists destinations . One way governments do this, describe as earlier by providing facilities and capital investment unkeep at government �Cowned destinations such national parks , monuments , and historical attractions.

2)Find out the factors that affecting travel and tourism. Explain in detail.

Many Countries and destination areas seek the advantages that make tourism attractive.A healthy tourism trade benefits countries economically , socioculturally and environmentally . Carefully planning and management can help lessen negative impact. Economic gains and costs when a destination is developed for tourism , the wave of tourists coming in has a tremendous impact on the local and national economy. Therefore , local economy reaps the benefits at other times , it bears the costs ad outsiders take home the gains . Almost all destination require facilities and services nearby to satisfy the needs of visitors .Tourists usually spend money during their stay at a destination . Visitor spending provides income and profit for my businesses , hotel , restaurants , service stations , golf courses , grocery stores and souvenir shops. Business travel to a destination for conventions and meetings directly benefits transportation businesses , hotels and restaurants . Tourism also generates government revenue from direct taxation of tourism businesses and tourists. Local , state and national governments receive revenues from sales taxes , room taxes , alcohol and gasoline taxes , and user fees for parks , tollroads and other. Increase government revenue that may be used to improve the area’s infrastructure can elevate the quality of life for local residents. Direct spending is money that goes directly from the traveler into the economy . This money includes payments for hotel rooms , restaurants meals , rental cars , recreation ,entertainment and souvenirs . Indirect spending is more income and further employment . For example : foodservice establishment ideally buy food and beverages from local suppliers . The suppliers make purchases from local farmers . Part of the money also supports employees who work in the hotel , restaurants , and other tourist businesses . The workers in turn pay for housing , buy groceries and so forth. Economic costs tourism also have a negative impact. One concern is the opportunity cost , that will be sacrificed by using a resource one way rather than another. For example : a community might have to decide between expanding an airport to bring in more tourists or allowing a manufacturer to locate on a particular piece of real estate . Leakage or money that flows out of the local economy to purchase outside resources . Many of the goods and services that are needed to satisfy tourists desires have to be imported. Thus , not all of the direct and indirect tourists expenditure money will stay in the local economy . Minimizing leakage is developing countries can minimize the loss of tourists income. For example : through trade negotiations they can reduce imports of tourism �Crelated-materials and support industries instead. Economic benefits of destination development can outweigh possible negative impact. Sociocultural impact the effect of increased hospitality and tourism activities on the ways individual with other members of the society may be positive or negative. Changing family lifestyle and cross-cultural may result in either positive or negative influences .Weathers and special events are things that travelers would consider when planning their travel guide.The tourism industry is affected by a various of different kind of factors. Some of these kind of causes certain venue while other people affect tourism as a whole. Even if someone is having on something like travel. For many people , travel is considered a luxury to be done with lots of money when times are good. Prices in gas / fuel always have an effect on the tourism industry First if people are spending more on gas they may never want to take long distance road trip. Airline and bus companies need to pay for gas as well, they may need added cost even when this goes up just a little .Natural disasters can have an influence on specific destinations , furthermore people are hit by a natural disasters then they will not be worried about travelling.Many local residents find their lives changed when they obtain tourism related employment. Young people may enter the job market for the first time when tourism development occurs . On the positive side , this may contribute to increase family income , allowing families to buy products that were previously creased their means. The changed in lifestyle may also lead to demands for better housing and changes in dress and eating habits . When local people adopt practices from tourists , this is known as the demonstration effect . The demonstrations effects can have a negative outcome , though , if local residents come to realize that even with their increase income they cannot afford to live like the tourists . A feeling of envy towards the tourists may affluent visitors may result. Tourism can also help preserve historical sites and culture. A wave of tourists from other cultures may have less disirable consequences . For example : the Pennsylvania amish had lived quietly for hundred of years until they become a tourists attractions . Tourism businesses built motels , restaurants , and souvenir shops to serve the growing numbers of tourists. Tourism can contribute to the undermining of social standards and to the commercialization of a culture . Some people say that local artistic standards suffer when reproductions of na?ve crafts are mass-produced for tourists consumption. Tourism can cause displacement if local residents find they can no longer live in their community after it has been newly developed as a destination . An increased demand for land for tourists facilities can cause property values to soar . The negative effects of tourism may include discrimination . Hiring and promotion practices of corporations new to an area maybe against employees. A community may discriminate against transplanted corporate employees. When they are not enough local workers to build and manage the tourists businesses , workers may be brought in from outside the area or even the country . A sudden wave of large numbers of outside workers may cause resentment in local workers. This may be especially true if the incoming employees occupy managerial positions that can earn high salaries while leaving the low paying menial jobs to local workers . If local workers see a higher standard of living for the newcomers , they may actively against them. On the other side , if the culture and lifestyle of the local residents is very different from that of the newcomers , the newcomers may be uncomfortable in their new situation Furthermore , the impacts of tourism on the local environment can cause harm to sensitive heritage sites , for example , the Lascaux cave in France had to be closed to the public because the tourists breath and body heat were destroying the pictures left on its walls by paleolithic artists . The mere presence of the visitors warmed the air around them , which caused condensation on the cooler cave walls. When the droplets fell , they look with them pigments from the 17,000 years old paintings.

Conclusion :

Hospitality business may be competitive business but its very interesting. The tourism industry is also concern with the events that would draw curiosity to tourist and the area.


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