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This project will be detailing the different type tools and techniques used by the Jamaica tourist board in the marketing of tourism Jamaica. The techniques that are shown in this project are; advertising, special events, brand ambassadors-which represents the marketed product all over the world, trade shows and familiarization trips which has all been explained in the project. An analysis was also developed for these five (5) marketing tools showing strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that they offer and the threats that are being made towards each marketing tool. It also introduces you to some international tourist boards/CVBs that could very well help Jamaica in the development of a destination marketing plan.

Techniques/tools used to market tourism Jamaica

When marketing a destination a number of steps are required, one is coming up with a strategy which includes the marketing tools. Marketing tools are there to make marketing a destination easier. One of the CVBs main objectives it to use these marketing tools to market a destination such as tourism Jamaica. These are five marketing tools used by the our CVB- Jamaica tourist board (JTB) to market Jamaica as a tourism destination;

Advertising- Advertising is a marketing tool used by the Jamaica tourist board (JTB) to market tourism Jamaica. Advertising media such as magazines, online/internet, billboard and global advertising are some of the most popular ones used to persuade users, viewers and listeners to take action on products and services and ideas.

Familiarisation trips- this is an event planning marketing program typically scheduled during low season times.

Example: the convention and visitors bureaus (CVB) invited meeting planners for a two day program to learn more about its available hotels, conventions centres, restaurants and other services.

Special Events- This is when events are planned and used by the Jamaica tourist board (JTB) as marketing tool.

Brand ambassadors- A brand ambassador is a person who represents and sells a brand in a very direct way. They create a positive image of the brand and bring out good customer services.

Trade shows-these are organized meetings held only per year generally over the course of a few days where members of a certain industry can exhibit their product and service.

SWOT Analysis of Techniques

The S.W.O.T analysis speaks about strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats of each marketing tool.



Advertising tool creates a brand name for the product.

Increase/ upgrade facilities

Trade shows enhances good will.

A brand ambassador gives the company/product instant recognition.

Advertising tool is costly



Can be extended into more areas

Cut Advertising rates

The SWOT analysis was carried out to identify the key issues and successes in the marketing environment, to find out what is happening in the marketing industry both external and internal.

The Value of a Tourism Marketing Plan

Developing a tourism marketing plan is very important for a destination because it helps you to carefully analyse other competitors and to create a plan so that your tourism destination potentially makes it to the top 5 tourism destination. A tourism plan is needed before embarking on a major project to guide you through the processes of developing a tourism destination.

The definition of tourism, which is what are the need for developing tourism and how it benefits the economy.

Community support- Make sure that this community is onboard with the tourism that’s being developed. Once you put the feelings of the people in the community first then they will later serve to identify potential problems.

The legal environment-Make sure the laws and regulation of the country is considered in every marketing strategy.

Here are three (3) processes in developing a tourism marketing plan;

Goals- Define the goals that are to be achieved by the development of a marketing plan. This should include a clear and direct number of objectives.

Marketed analysis-

Five External organization that can assist a CVB

The convention and Visitor beareau is responsible for encouraging tourists to visit and enjoy their destination; they encourage groups such as the JTB to use the marketing tools such as creating trade shows and special events. The CVB is also called a tourist commission and tourist and convention commission.

Here are five external players which could the CVB in designing marketing a destination;

Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) – this company was designed for the enhancement and also the development of the tourism product.

Cruise Jamaica (PAJ) – This was built from the joining of the Port Authority of Jamaica and the royal Caribbean cruise lines (RCCL).

Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association – This was built for the promotion of the development of the hospitality industry and also the interests of its members in local, regional and international forums.

Caribbean Tourism Organization- This was created to potentially increase the Caribbean has a choice of destination for travellers.

Jamaica Information Service – The Jamaica information service increases the knowledge of both locals and tourist about the policies and programs of the government by way of media.

B. Two significance of the assistance

These organizations will help to better publicise tourism Jamaica by putting their part in the marketing plan and to help develop new objectives and strategies which would make the destination marketing unique. Each organization plays a specific role in developing marketing plan for tourism destinations. Here are two (2) significance of the assistance of two of the players or organisation in helping the Jamaica tourist board in developing a destination marketing plan;

The CTO will provide an important forum for those interested in developing, improving and promoting the Caribbean tourism product. This organization was designed to provide its members with the services and information needed for the development of tourism for the economy. It also provides the technical assistance and special support to other organizations in the marketing area.

The JIS will provide your product or in this case your tourism destination with the proper advertising media and strategies that it needs to strive. This organization was created to provide information to locals and tourist about the new activities developed in Jamaica which will benefit the economy and any arising business or product development by a way of mass Medias, which are very popular in today’s world.

Recommendation or Conclusion

Marketing provides an opportunity that a company or product such as tourism so that they can perform profitably. Without the planning of marketing developing and tourism destination would not be possible and/or successful in the modern world. Tourism is very interdependent and so the components of planning should be included in the developing of a destination for tourism attractions. Services in the hospitality industry depends on the employees and manager understanding the value of the customers, the cost of the product that is being offered should be economically structured and considerate to the customers welfare and the communication towards the customers should be at a good quality standard.

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